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Trix Stix is a gaming YouTuber that mainly does Roblox videos but also does Minecraft and COD videos he also does a few vlogs every now and then. Trix originally gained his popularity from his Roblox streams and has been rapidly gaining subscribers since.

Trix's most viewed video has over 14k views even though he averages at about 6-7k 

Trix's content is original, funny and fun he is very interactive with his viewers and almost always replies to comments during his live streams/videos. he is also very active on his discord being on it for almost five hours a day. he consistently streams several times every day. 

Trix stix began in 2016 making gaming streams and didn't gain popularity until early 2019 when he skyrocketed in popularity gaining 1k subscribers in a week.

Reece hopes to one day make youtube his full-time job and works very hard to keep the quality of his content high.      

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