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Igor Gordienko, better known online as TryHardNinja, is an American music composer, lyrical artists, song writer, singer, and gamer on YouTube. He writes, composes, and sings many of his own songs and also helps out with fellow gamers' music video projects by either singing the lyrics, composing the music, or both, with the help of his producer, Peter Litvin.

Music Albums

He has three albums: In Real Life, Pick a Universe, and Video Game Songs Volume I, as well as many singles on iTunes and Google Play. He has released 2 other albums, Determination and Video Game Songs Volume II.

He has a purely gaming channel, GamingAwesome, which he uploads daily gaming videos on since mid 2014. Gaming videos previous to his switch to GamingAwesome can be found on TryHardNinja and TryHardNinjaGAMES.

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