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Thiago Silva de Lima, better known online as Tsukyme (formerly Thiagosldark), also known simply as Tsuky by fans, is a Gaming YouTuber and musician who started in 2006 making mini trillers and gameplays with a camera recording TV and some nails model videos. de Lima is Brazilian and speaks fluent English, Spanish and his main language Portuguese, plus some others as German and Japanese, which he uses on his channel.

The name Tsukyme comes from two Japanese words, 'Tsuki' which means 'Moon', and 'Itami' which means 'Pain', putting the two together and changing a few letters to create 'Tsukyme'.

His first channel which was created back in 2006 was closed due to having a lot of videos from when he was too young, after that he created 2 more channels, Tsuky Plays and Thiagosldarks which later became Tsukyme.

After changing to his old channel and becaming Tsukyme, he started posting Gameplays, Cosplays, Tutorials, Guitar Covers, Trap and Vaporwave Music he creates by himself.

On November 26 of 2019, he became the 19th Playstation 4 player to achieve 100% on The Elder Scrolls Online game.

His favorite Games Series are: Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Dark Souls.


What follows is a small selection of some of the more popular Gameplays he has done on his channel.

Game Playlist Notes
Dark Souls Hidden Items (Xbox 360) Link
Killer Instinct Gameplay (Xbox One) Link
Dark Souls 2 Great Fireball Location (Xbox 360) Link
Elder Scrolls Online Glitches Tricks & Secrets (PS4) Link
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