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Two Angry Gamers TV, often abbreviated as TAG, is an English YouTube gaming channel. It consists of two English gamers: Tom "TOMMYRAGES" and Adam "Bongeh". As their channel name suggests, they get extremely angry when the games they play, like the Battlefield series, give them the unfair treatment - at which point they slam on their keyboards/desks and scream at the top of their lungs. ...usually.[1]



Tom is the gamer with the frizzy brown/orange hair. He tends to plan out trolls behind Bong's back before setting them into action.

Adam "Bongeh"

Adam is the "bearded badman" of the pair. He specializes in taking challenges at the drop of a hat. For example, he once shot Tom's player character in the head, after the latter taunted him about "never headshot[-ing] anyone in [his] life".

  • Bong loves using shotguns.

Video Games

  • Battlefield 3/4/Hardline
  • Garry's Mod
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • DayZ
  • Final Fantasy IX (Bongeh)
  • Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (Bongeh)
  • Analogue: A Hate Story (Tommy*)

* Unfair review, apparently




  • "Oh, god-ah."
  • "Oh... ah-my... ah-god..."
  • "OH, my GOD!"
  • [when closing a door before his teammates can get in] "It's too late for you!"[2]
  • "NO - "
  • "My hands are shakin'! My hands are shakin'!"


  • "Ohno—!"
  • "Tom, get in here!"


  • "F**k off!"
  • [when saying "Careful..."] "Care-feel..."
  • [an inhaling-ish "Hng!" noise whenever they jump]
  • "Oh, for f**k's sake!"

in Left 4 Dead 2

Series playlist:

Campaign: Back To School

  • Tommy: [when a Smoker drags him away] "Oh no, Smoker's got me, guys! Help me! I'm being hung!"
  • Bongeh: [a Jockey is riding him] "There's a Jockey! Help me! CHRISTIIIIIIIIIINE!"
  • Tommy: [finding a katana; in an amusing (and yet slightly offensive) remark] "There's a katana here, guys, if anyone wants to go a bit Japanese up in here."
  • Tommy: [after the group survives an encounter with a Tank] "It looks like we don't remember how to play Left 4 Dead, guys."
  • Tommy: [after Louis and Zoey tell the other Survivors to watch their backs as they heal] "Wash my back! [beat] It's dirty!"
  • Bongeh: [laughing a "maniacal" laugh] "Hahahahahaha! WAR!"
  • Tommy: [Bong just shot a zombie - and it killed Tom, too!] "No, BONG! I knew you were gonna f**king do that!" ... "I just watched you and I thought, 'He's not gonna shoot me, is he? He's not going to - ' And then he just - Bang!"
  • Tommy: [a truck - yes, a truck! - runs him over, killing him] "Oh, shit! What the f**k?! What the f**k was that?!" ... "Well, no one expects a truck!"
  • Bongeh: [about katanas]
    • "You know bitches love katanas!" [(Do they...?)]
    • "Lookin' for a chance to katana your face off~!"

Bongeh: [role-playing as a military officer] "Johnson! I want those reports on my desk by 9 o'clock in the morning!"
Tommy: [playing along] "I can't. There's an apocalypse."

Tommy: "Oh, helicopter! That helicopter's coming." [Jump cut] "Oh no, he's just - "

[It blows up.]

Tommy: "Oh, shit!"
jackfrags: "Oh my god..."

Bongeh: [pummeled by a Tank] "Ah-AAH! WHY?!"
Tommy: "Well, I don't think he needs a reason."

  • Bongeh: [throwing a pipe bomb] "Pipe bomb, Tom! Run AWAY, run away!"
  • Tommy: [when the four are riding the back of a truck]
    • "Oh f**k, this is wierd."
    • "I don't think the [Source or Havok physics] engine is designed for this~! We're sliding around like a roller disco~!"
    • "Care-fiel you don't get in front of my chainsaw~!"
  • Tommy: [reading a chalkboard] "'Plan your route.' F**k off."
    • jackfrags: [after Tom finishes] "I feel so much smarter."

Campaign: Fall in Death

  • Tommy: [whenever the horde suddenly shows up]
    • "Ah, shit! Oh, christ shin!"
    • "Oh shit! ffffF**KIN' 'ELL!"
    • "Oh my god!"
  • Tommy: [hearing a Witch] "Oh, shit, another Witch?"
  • Tommy: [confronting the Witch] "Okay, bitch..." [empties his shotgun into the Witch, provoking then killing it] "F**k-in' 'ell."

Tommy: "Ow! Oh what the - ?! What the instant-zombie?!"

[Jump cut]

jackfrags: "Oh wha - They jus' came out of a f**king cupboard!"

[Everybody else busts up laughing]

Bongeh: "Zombie cupboard!"

  • Bongeh: "Everything's fine, everything's fine, everyth - ZOMBIES."
  • Tommy: [as the Horde attacks them before they can close the safe room door] "OH GOOOOOOOD!!!"
    • jackfrags: "Oh my god! Out of nowhere!"

Campaign: Blackout Basement

  • [when Tom shoots his teammates]
    • Bongeh: "Ow, f**kin' 'ell, Tom!"
      • Tommy: "I can't help myself!"
    • Tommy: [after shooting Jack] "Oh, whoops, sorry."
  • Tommy: [a Jockey is riding him away from the others] "Oh no, please! Guys, please! Please~! Please...!"
  • Tommy: [killing Infected with an ax] "Sorry, I'm 'axing' them a question, and the answer is..." [makes a dying noise]

jackfrags: "I swear I can hear a Tank..."
Tommy: [sees the Tank] "Oh, god! OH GOD OH GOD There is a Tank! There is a Tank! Pleeeaase!"
jackfrags: "I knew it! I f**kin' knew it!"

  • Bongeh: [the Tank is thrashing him] "He's f**kin' ruined me, AAH-AAH-OOOOWWWW~!"
  • Bongeh: [a female Boomer, or "Boomette" shows up right in front of them] "NO, LADY BOOMER DON'T SHOOT HER!"
    • [Too late.]
  • more coming soon

Campaign: Plan B

  • Tommy: "Oh, moose!"

Survival Map: Tanks' Playground

Tommy: [a Tank is climbing up to an oblivious Bong's position] "Bong! Bong! BONG! BONG! BONG!"
Bongeh: [the Tank sends him flying] "Oh, f**k!"

in Battlefield 4

BattleLOLs [Battlefield] 4 Beta Edition by jackfrags

Video link here:
  • Bongeh: "The Airburst does nothing!"[1]
  • Jack: "Why did you throw that like a grenade?!"
    • Bongeh: "I don't know! It's how it works in this game!"
    • Jack: "Can you jus' stop it? I—I thought you were gonna throw a 'nade at me…!"
    ... "It's - no - I might as well use my c***, to slap it in peoples' face[s]."[1]

Battlefield 4 Beta Bastards

  • Tommy[waiting for the elevator doors to open; turns around and realizes - ] "...Oh shit, it's behind us."
    • Bongeh: [busts up laughing]
    • Tommy: "That'd be embaressing if..."
    • Bongeh: "We'd-a been so f**king dead!"

Battlefield 4 Beta Bucaneers

Video link here:
  • Bongeh: "...Wha - ?! [unintelligible] my controls' been removed! ... Oh, they've updated the game to de-update it. Well, de-update my controls."
    • Tommy: "Oh, god-ah."
    • jackfrags: [chuckling] "They just did it specifically to just f**k you up, Adam."
  • Bong: "Guys, what's Jump? What's Jump in the crazy world of 'normal'?"
  • Bong: "No, it's the original Quake—OH GOD, THAT'S A TANK!"

Battlefield 4: Metrowned

  • Tom: [in a singing-ish voice] "Back on the Metro... Back on the Metro..."
    • Bong: "What the f**k - ? Why'm I being hurt?!"
  • Tom: "F**K THIS F**KING MAP!"
  • Tom: "I HATE THIS MAP!"
    • Bong: "This is the best map!"
  • Tom: "Oh, there was a f**king enemy in that lift? What's he doing there?!"

====Battlefield 4: CTE Frollicks====
  • Bong: "…Um?! How the F**K did he hit that wall from over there?! That's BULLshit!"

  • Bong: Is it eating me?!


  • Bongeh uses an "absurd" configuration for playing first-person shooter video games. Dubbed the BongFig by fans, this is apparently based on the original Quake game:[3][4]
    • Right Mouse Button: Jump
    • Control key: Aim Down Sights
    • Spacebar: Crouch
    • Invert Mouse


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