Twomad has more than One Million Subscribers
Twomad creates skits and sketch videos
Twomad plays video games
Twomad is a Vlogger
Twomad is a Musician
Twomad is a Commentator
Twomad is a Reactor
Twomad is from Canada
Twomad is male
Twomad created their account in 2016
Twomad is a Content Creator on YouTube

Oh, hey. I was just boutta go to bed. I know we couldn't Skype tonight, but that's alright. Goodnight girl, I'll see you tomorrow.

―twomad's 'goodnight girl' meme

Muudea Sedik[1] (born: December 17, 2000 (2000-12-17) [age 20]), better known online as twomad, is a Canadian YouTuber and streamer, who creates content based on gaming, skits, and commentary. He is best known for the famous "Goodnight girl" meme. Twomad also owns two other channels. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.



Twomad originally uploaded stream highlights from various games he played (including Fortnite and Overwatch). On the twomad channel, he also uploaded a series of Discord storytime videos. Starting from May 9th, 2019, twomad uploaded fewer stream highlights and more commentary and skit videos. A month later, twomad uploaded his first “My life's biggest bruh moments” (sic) video which blew up.

twomad 360

Twomad 360 is twomad’s second (first chronologically) channel. On twomad 360, twomad uploaded Overwatch content with his “How 2...” series and “Nerf...” series is his most popular series’. Twomad also posted Fortnite content on twomad 360 starting from around 2018 for a short while before moving back more on Overwatch content. In April 2020 he began livestreaming on this channel, mostly gaming. He used to livestream on Twitch, but moved to YouTube live-streaming due to anxiety with Twitch, which he claims that anything he does could get him banned on the the platform easily. He says streaming on YouTube is much better and he doesn't have to worry about being banned and that he feels more "free".

twomad gang

Twomad Gang is a channel where twomad uploads commentary and storytime videos usually about himself. In the channel, he talks about how he made the “Goodnight Girl” meme viral and what it is like being a YouTuber.

Epic SMP

Twomad joined the EpicSMP, a modded Minecraft server made by Matt Watson, on its opening day on Janurary 16th, 2021. He attempted to "speedrun" the game similar to Dream, terrorize several members and take souls. He died trying to fight off a zombie.


  • "Goodnight, girl. I'll see you tomorrow."
  • "The Sh*t Pole..."
  • "AYO, THE PIZZA BRUH" (As he dies from fall damage in the EpicSMP.)
  • "I heard they painted [the white house] black when Obama was in office"


  • His username "twomad" was inspired by LOLYOU1337, a Counter Strike YouTuber.
  • He made the music for Internet Historian's Sonic High School video[2]


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