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Twomad has more than One Million Subscribers
Twomad creates meme videos
Twomad creates comedy videos
Twomad plays video games
Twomad is a Vlogger
Twomad is a Musician
Twomad is a Commentator
Twomad is a Reactor
Twomad is from Canada
Twomad is male
Twomad created their account in 2016
Twomad is a Content Creator on YouTube

Oh, hey. I was just boutta go to bed. I know we couldn't Skype tonight, but that's alright. Goodnight girl, I'll see you tomorrow.

―twomad's 'goodnight girl' meme

Muudea Sedik[1] (born: December 17, 2000 (2000-12-17) [age 21]), better known online as Twomad, is a Canadian YouTuber and streamer who creates gaming, skits, and commentary content on three channels. He is known for the meme "Goodnight girl" meme. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As of October 2021, he has over 2 million subscribers.



Twomad originally uploaded stream highlights from various games he played (including Fortnite and Overwatch). On the twomad channel, he also uploaded a series of Discord storytime videos. Starting from May 9th, 2019, twomad uploaded fewer stream highlights and more commentary and skit videos. A month later, twomad uploaded his first “My life's biggest bruh moments” (sic) video which blew up.

twomad 360

Twomad 360 is an additional channel owned by twomad. On twomad 360, twomad uploaded Overwatch content with his “How 2...” series and “Nerf...” series is his most popular series’. Twomad also posted Fortnite content on twomad 360 starting from around 2018 for a short while before moving back more on Overwatch content. In April 2020 he began livestreaming on this channel, mostly gaming. He used to livestream on Twitch, but moved to YouTube live-streaming due to anxiety with Twitch, which he claims that anything he does could get him banned on the the platform easily. He says streaming on YouTube is much better and he doesn't have to worry about being banned and that he feels more "free".

However, as of December 2021, he started streaming on Twitch again.[2]

twomad gang

Twomad Gang is a channel where twomad uploads commentary and storytime videos usually about himself. In the channel, he talks about how he made the “Goodnight Girl” meme viral and what it is like being a YouTuber. He changed his content in late 2020 where he posted comedic shorts, and did it a second time in 2021 to show clips from his streams.

Epic SMP

Twomad joined the EpicSMP, a modded Minecraft server made by Matt Watson, on its opening day on Janurary 16th, 2021. He attempted to "speedrun" the game similar to Dream, terrorize several members and take souls. He died trying to fight off a zombie.


He has prank called Maxmoefoe and Anything4views, and also made a PC with Linus Tech Tips[3][4].

Twomad is credited as producing the music for Internet Historian's Sonic High School reading video[5].


Feud with K-pop stans

On June 22, 2019, Twomad made a video called "Do NOT MESS with K-pop STANS!!!"[6] where he mocked kpop stans, Koreaboos and the boy band BTS, imitating their mannerisms and referring to the the members as "Junkuk". He also called them "puppets for North Korea" and said that they clearly worked for Kim Jong-un. He then also tweeted negative things about BTS, which caused several kpop stans to flock to his account and spam him with hateful messages and kpop fancams.

On March 1, 2020, Twomad revealed that BTS stans were attempting to take legal action over his video and had mailed him a lawsuit.[7] The BTS stans also accused him of racism towards Korean people, but Twomad then showed screenshots of some of the messages he received, several of which had called him the n-word. Twomad was also told that he should support BTS since they donated a lot to the Black Lives Matter movement[8]. He also made a tweet where he made a remark about BTS having Coronavirus which caused the harassment to spike, and continued to mock them for their attempts to contact Bighit and claiming that they had grounds for a defamation lawsuit.[9]

In October 10, 2021, he revealed that he had received even more DMs, specifically mocking the death of his mother, and been told to kill himself because he joked about BTS. A lot of the DMs were racist in nature as well and had compared him to monkeys[10].

Zoom meetings

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing lockdown, most schools took to online learning via the Zoom app. Twomad ordered fans to send in their Zoom passwords to him so he could invade their classes. He was so notorius for invading random people's zoom meetings that he appeared on the news.[11]

Feud with Hasan Piker

On December 27, 2020, Hasan made a tweet where she showed screenshots of two news articles; in the first one, the CEO of Delta Airlines asked the CDC to cut quarantine time for breakthrough of covid cases, and the second, the CDC doing exactly that[12]. Twomad replied to the tweet critisizing Hasan for thinking that, reminding him that many epidemiologists had already agreed to it. Hasan replied by saying that healthcare quarantine working time was already cut by 5 hours prior to the announcement, that new data was never relased by the CDC and that governers influenced by commerce had said the same thing[13]. He then began replying vitriolically to twomad's tweets, at one point even saying "have fun getting covid at applebees mf"[14]. Twomad replied by stating that the government changes decisions all the time, and to chill it with the misinformation. He then made another tweet that said "You're doing the same thing the Trump supporters did when they called it a "plandemic". They said the cdc and fauci were in the pockets of big pharma, and look where that got us, first to get the vaccines, and close to dead last in vaccination rates in the developed world LOOOOL"[15].

Hasan responded angrily again, critizing twomad for implying that Trump supporters were in favour of restrictions, and challenged twomad to come on his stream. Twomad told him that he was comparing how him and Trump supporters were suggesting the CDC was comprised by private businesses, and ended the tweet by suggesting Hasan "ask his uncle for a new job", to which Hasan responded by calling him a coward and a "groyper neckbeard"[16]. Ethan Klein defended Hasan and called twomad "Destiny", although later he said he didn't want to fight him. Hasan then claimed twomad "begged" him in DMs to come on stream 10 times but as of current, was refusing and repeatedly egged him to join his stream. But twomad was actually sitting in Hasan's Discord for hours waiting for a link to join the stream while Hasan was reacting to MasterChef episodes; for the whole stream, Hasan deliberately ignored twomad, and also Auto-timed out anyone who typed the word twomad from his chat.[17][18]

Arrest at Six Flags

On April 30th, 2022, during a visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain, another guest approached Twomad and complained that Twomad "blew him off" while riding a go-kart ride. Twomad responded, saying that the guest was just mad because he beat him in the race. The guest called park security, and security guards started to escort him from the park. While walking out, Twomad kept up his act, going so far as to run into a fenced off area and claim that he wouldn't leave unless he got to ride the security guard's bike. [19]

Twomad was eventually arrested and booked by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing. The charge carries a possible sentence of up to six months in jail, a fine of up to $1000, and summary probation.[20] He posted bail and was released the same day. [19] His next court date is listed as August 31st, 2022.[21]


  • "Goodnight, girl. I'll see you tomorrow."
  • "The Sh*t Pole..."
  • "Ok, I have to do it twice?" (Before getting himself killed by the zombie in the cave during his Hardcore Speedrun)
  • "AYO, THE PIZZA BRUH" (As he dies from fall damage in the EpicSMP.)
  • "I heard they painted [the white house] black when Obama was in office"
  • "Jimin Junglecock"
  • "Bababooey"
  • "Wakanda"
  • "Shashumga"
  • "Bogos Binted"


  • His username "twomad" was inspired by LOLYOU1337, a Counter Strike YouTuber.
  • His merch includes an n word pass.
  • He has a cardboard cutout of one of the BTS members as shown in his Zoom class invasion videos.
  • Twomad is of Ethiopian descent.
  • He created a song titled "This is twomad" and uploaded it onto his channel twomad gang.
  • Some of his videos were edited, either having a segment of the audio removed or removing a small part of the video itself. A notable example being this video that got heavily edited due to YouTube took it down week after it's publication.