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Working on my plan for world domination.

―Channel description

Oh, hey. I was just boutta go to bed. I know we couldn't Skype tonight, but that's alright. Goodnight girl, I'll see you tomorrow.

―twomad's "goodnight girl" meme.[1]

Muudea Sedik[2] † (December 17, 2000 - c. February 9, 2024 [aged 23]),[3] better known online as Twomad, was a Canadian YouTuber and streamer who created gaming, skits, and commentary content on three channels. He was known for the "Goodnight girl" meme. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As of his death in February 2024, he has over 2 million subscribers.



Twomad originally uploaded stream highlights from various games he played (including Fortnite and Overwatch). On the twomad channel, he also uploaded a series of Discord storytime videos. Starting from May 9th, 2019, twomad uploaded fewer stream highlights and more commentary and skit videos. A month later, twomad uploaded his first "My life's biggest bruh moments" (sic) video, which blew up.

twomad 360[]

Twomad 360 is an additional channel owned by twomad. On twomad 360, twomad uploaded Overwatch content with his "How 2..." series and "Nerf..." series being among the most popular. Twomad also posted Fortnite content on twomad 360 starting from around 2018 for a short while before moving back more on Overwatch content. In April 2020 he began livestreaming on this channel, mostly gaming. He used to livestream on Twitch, but moved to streaming on YouTube due to anxiety with Twitch, as he claims that anything he does could easily get him banned on the platform. He said streaming on YouTube is much better, and he felt more "free".

However, as of December 2021, he started streaming on Twitch again.[4]

twomad gang[]

Twomad Gang is a channel where twomad uploaded commentary and storytime videos usually about himself. In the channel, he talked about how he made the "Goodnight Girl" meme viral and what it's like being a YouTuber. He changed his content in late 2020 where he posted comedic shorts, and did it a second time in 2021 to show clips from his streams.

Epic SMP[]

Twomad joined the EpicSMP, a modded Minecraft server made by Matt Watson, on its opening day on Janurary 16th, 2021. He attempted to "speedrun" the game similar to Dream, terrorize several members and take souls. He died trying to fight off a zombie.


He has prank called Maxmoefoe and Anything4views, and also made a PC with Linus Tech Tips.[5][6]

Twomad was credited with producing the music for Internet Historian's Sonic High School reading video.[7]

Twomad and Belle Delphine have posted some pictures from their photoshoot on their Twitters in June 2022,[8] making everyone speculate that they may have had sex and published it on Belle's OnlyFans. There is no actual evidence of such speculation and it has not been proven yet. In some of the photos, Twomad is seen in a Donkey Kong costume, some fans seeing it as controversial and racist.[9]


Feud with K-pop stans[]

On June 22, 2019, twomad made a video called "Do NOT MESS with K-pop STANS!!!"[10] where he mocked K-pop stans, Koreaboos and the boy band BTS, imitating their mannerisms and referring to the the members as "Junkuk". He also called them "puppets for North Korea" and said that they clearly worked for Kim Jong-un. He then also tweeted negative things about BTS, which caused several K-pop stans to flock to his account just to harass him and spam K-pop fancams.

On March 1, 2020, twomad revealed that BTS stans were attempting to take legal action over his video and had mailed him a lawsuit.[11] The BTS stans also accused him of racism towards Korean people, but Twomad then showed screenshots of some of the messages he received, several of which had called him the n-word. Twomad was also told that he should support BTS since they donated a lot to the Black Lives Matter movement.[12] He also made a tweet where he made a remark about BTS having Coronavirus which caused the harassment to spike, and continued to mock them for their attempts to contact Big Hit and claiming that they had grounds for a defamation lawsuit.[13]

In October 10, 2021, he revealed that he had received even more DMs, specifically mocking the death of his mother, and been told to kill himself because he joked about BTS. A lot of the DMs were racist in nature as well and had compared him to monkeys.[14]

Zoom meetings[]

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing lockdown, most schools took to online learning via the Zoom app. Twomad ordered fans to send in their Zoom passwords to him so he could invade their classes. He gained so much notoriety for invading people's Zoom meetings that he appeared on the news.[15]

Feud with Hasan Piker[]

On December 27, 2021, Hasan made a tweet where he showed screenshots of two news articles; in the first one, the CEO of Delta Airlines asked the CDC to cut quarantine time for breakthrough of COVID cases, and in the second, the CDC doing exactly that.[16] Twomad replied to the tweet criticizing Hasan for thinking that, reminding him that many epidemiologists had already agreed to it. Hasan replied by saying that healthcare quarantine working time was already cut by 5 hours prior to the announcement, that new data was never released by the CDC and that governors influenced by commerce had said the same thing.[17] He then began replying vitriolically to twomad's tweets, at one point even saying "have fun getting covid at applebees mf".[18] Twomad replied by stating that the government changes decisions all the time, and to chill it with the misinformation. He then made another tweet that said "You're doing the same thing the Trump supporters did when they called it a "plandemic". They said the cdc and fauci were in the pockets of big pharma, and look where that got us, first to get the vaccines, and close to dead last in vaccination rates in the developed world LOOOOL".[19]

Hasan responded angrily again, criticizing twomad for implying that Trump supporters were in favour of restrictions, and challenged twomad to come on his stream. Twomad told him that he was comparing how him and Trump supporters were suggesting the CDC was compromised by private businesses, and ended the tweet by suggesting Hasan "ask [his] uncle for a new job", to which Hasan responded by calling him a coward and a "groyper neckbeard".[20] Ethan Klein defended Hasan and called twomad "Destiny", although later he said he didn't want to fight him. Hasan then claimed twomad "begged" him in DMs to come on stream 10 times but was refusing to appear and repeatedly egged him to join his stream. Twomad was actually sitting in Hasan's Discord for hours waiting for a link to join the stream while Hasan was reacting to MasterChef episodes; for the whole stream, Hasan deliberately ignored twomad, and auto-timed out anyone who typed the word twomad from his chat.[21][22]

Arrest at Six Flags[]

On April 30, 2022, during a visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain, another guest approached Twomad and complained that Twomad "blew him off" while riding a go-kart ride. Twomad responded that the guest was just mad because he beat him in the race. The guest called park security, and security guards started to escort him from the park. While walking out, Twomad kept up his act, going so far as to run into a fenced off area and claim that he would not leave unless he got to ride the security guard's bike.[23]

Twomad was eventually arrested and booked by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing. The charge carries a possible sentence of up to six months in jail, a fine of up to $1000, and summary probation.[24] He posted bail and was released the same day.[23] His next court date is listed as August 31st, 2022.[25]

Brianna Ghey tweet[]

On June 23, 2023, Twomad posted a tweet that said "i have girlfriend bro look [sic]" and then posted a picture of Brianna Ghey, a sixteen-year-old British transgender girl became the topic of international news after she was murdered in Culcheth Linear Park in Culcheth, Warrington.[26][27][28][29] Twomad would later claim that he had no idea Ghey was stabbed to death, or that she was underage at the time of her death. Twomad would then continue to make vague and cryptic tweets in response to people calling him out.

Sexual assault allegations[]

On June 24, 2023, Twitter user GlocksGoldi uploaded a screenshot of a Discord conversation in which twomad appeared to request her to watch graphically violent videos together.[30] In the same thread, GlocksGoldi uploaded a video directed at her from twomad, where twomad appeared to apologize for "sexual advances" that made GlocksGoldi feel uncomfortable.[31] The video would gain wider public attention when it was reuploaded from Ghetto Smosh's Twitter account.[32] Twomad challenged the context of the video, replying "NONE OF THE WORDS I SAY HERE WERE FROM ME, IT WAS WRITTEN BY HER FRIEND AND I READ IT ON VIDEO",[33] and would later claim to have recorded the video in a desperate attempt to establish a relationship with GlocksGoldi, rather than as an apology for an actual sexual assault.[34] Between June 24-25, GlocksGoldi uploaded more screenshots of her various online interactions with twomad, to which twomad would continue to respond defensively.[35][36][37]

Personal life[]

Twomad was of Ethiopian descent.[38] When he was a kid, he played Halo 3.[39]


On February 8, 2024, Twomad streamed himself playing Overwatch 2 for nearly an hour. During the stream, he made strange jokes about drug overdosing, though his delivery lacked genuine humor. At one point, he made a joke about self-harm but stopped before finishing the sentence.[40] In the final minutes of the stream, he appeared visibly stressed and tired, hinting at his impending conclusion. Without warning, the livestream ended abruptly.

Several days later, Discord users observed an anomaly in Twomad's profile, noting prolonged sessions of Overwatch gameplay spanning multiple days.[41] This peculiar behavior raised concerns, suggesting the possibility that he could have passed out during one of his sessions.

On February 14, authorities initiated a welfare check at Twomad's apartment following an extended period of silence from him.[42] Upon investigation, he was found dead in his apartment, allegedly due to a drug overdose believed to be linked to a suicide attempt.[43] Subsequently, his name was recorded as deceased in the Los Angeles County Coroner's website.[44] One of his posts on Twitter shortly before his death reads: "Dying at 90? Nah I'm too strong nah I'd win."[45]


  • "I am uhh... [Asha Shamya] from Wuhan [Xinzhen Wozai] University. I am new transfer student... and this is my brother." (Twomad pretending to be Chinese in "Invading Random Online College Classes....")
  • "Oh, hey. I was just boutta go to bed. I know we couldn't Skype tonight, but that's alright. Goodnight girl, I'll see you tomorrow."
  • "I'm literally driving, but uhm, I'm in Oregon"
  • "The Sh*t Pole..."
  • "Brudda Osas"
  • "Ok, I have to do it twice?" (Before getting himself killed by the zombie in the cave during his Hardcore Speedrun)
  • "AYO, THE PIZZA BRUH" (As he dies from fall damage in the EpicSMP.)
  • "Jojo succ..."
  • "Who's your favorite BTS member? Mine is Xi Jinping."
  • "POMEGRANATE!" (in Linus Tech Tips)
  • "CASEY!" (in New York, calling literally everyone CaseyNeistat)
  • "I heard they painted the White House black when Obama was in office"
  • "Ah yes, computer science class! I am the hacker man!" (Twomad in MrBeast's 2020 Rewind, originally taken from "Invading Random Online College Classes....")
  • "Jimin Junglecock"
  • "Bababooey"
  • "Wakanda"
  • "Shashumga"
  • "Bogos Binted"


  • His username "Twomad" was inspired by LOLYOU1337, a Counter Strike YouTuber.
  • His primary influence on Youtube was the streamer/Youtuber, Etika[46] and stated he desperately wanted to meet him before his tragic death.
    • He was very critical and angry with Keemstar on his takes with Etika and acted very out of character. He strongly considered Keemstar to be a "sociopath" for this stating he was "aware" of Etika's mental breakdown[47].
  • His merch includes an "N-word pass."[48]
  • He had a cardboard cutout of one of the BTS members as shown in his Zoom class invasion videos.
  • He created a song titled "This is twomad" and uploaded it onto his channel twomad gang.
  • Some of his videos were edited, either having a segment of the audio removed or removing a small part of the video itself. A notable example being this video, which was heavily edited due to YouTube taking it down a week after it was uploaded.
  • He was known to use webcam microphones to deliberately produce bad sound quality in his videos.
  • He was a Muslim.[49]


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