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Tyde Levi Mellet (born: February 15, 2000 (2000-02-15) [age 19]) is an Australian YouTuber, vlogger, and DJ. Tyde's family consists of his brothers Troye and Steele, his sister Sage and his parents Shaun and Laurelle. Tyde has collaborated in videos with brother Troye Sivan, and his friends and family. He has also done videos with Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta.

Personal Life

Levi was born in Mirrabooka, in Perth, Australia. He is Jewish and went to a normal school up until March 2015, afterwards, he started homeschooling to have more time to travel and create more content for his viewers. Like older brother Troye Sivan, Tyde has embraced his middle name, Levi, as a stage name. 

Levi has also entered various DJ  contests

Tyde was also given the opportunity to act in Spud 2 after his older brother Troye Sivan was cast the lead role. Tyde is only visible in one scene where the 'crazy eight' are at the hot dog eating contest, he was cheering them on as an extra.

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I See Fire Cover Tyde Levi-0