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Typical Gamer has more than One Million Subscribers
Typical Gamer has more than Five Million Subscribers
Typical Gamer has more than One Billion Views
Typical Gamer plays video games
Typical Gamer is from Canada
Typical Gamer is male
Typical Gamer is a Content Creator on YouTube

What's up everybody, Typical Gamer here with your daily YouTube livestreams and more, and today for you guys I've got some more...

―Typical Gamer's Intro

Andre Rebelo, better known online as Typical Gamer, is a Canadian YouTuber and a competitive eSports gamer well known for his Fortnite and GTA 5 videos as well as live streams. He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his girlfriend, Samara Redway.


Typical Gamer is a YouTube streamer who started with Red Dead Redemption in 2008. Later he jumped onto GTA 5 where he found success and crossed 1 Million Subscribers.

On November 17, 2014, Typical Gamer uploaded his most viewed video. He now plays games like Fortnite and is very successful in it.


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