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Tyson Bruno, formerly known online as BTHOT, abbreviated from BigTysHouseOfTech, is an American comedic YouTuber. Many of his fans believe that Tyson is under recognized, and deserves more attention. Even with his editing software so simplistic, he is able to create content that is considered entertaining. Tyson claims that he does not expect to become YouTube famous due to the fact that he simply "Talks To A Camera." However, most of his fans believe otherwise.

Comedic Style And Prime Demographic

Tyson claims that his prime demographics are geeks and nerds with a passion for Technology, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Video Games etc. However, Tyson has recently been producing content that is enjoyable for anyone (while retaining his geek-ish charm). He loves ranting to a camera and claims that he gives "Valuable Insight" on the topics he talks about, even though his humor can get a little bit low brow. Lastly, because Tyson seems to swear and curse in his videos, his prime demographic is presumably 14+.

Catch Phrases And Characters

Tyson has introduced several characters in his videos. One of which is his "Talking Bed." And another is his evil hatted twin. And the last is his "Mom." The Mom character is supposeddly Tyson's Mother yelling across the house, yet she is never seen. Tyson has been noted saying that his Mother acts nothing like the character in his videos, due to the innappropriate things the character has said.

Tyson has had many catch phrases over the years. His most popular one seems to be "So Powerful and Manly." His second, is the catch phrase "Don't Be Stupid, Stupid." This is supposed to inform the viewer to not do anything that is outright "Stupid." His third most popular catch phrase seems to appear in his newer videos. At the end of each video he simply says "Spread The Word." Which is a way of telling his viewers to help build his audience through word of mouth.

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