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Hello everybody, this is your boy Uberhikari, aka the Nerd, here to bring you another video with no frills - just the analysis.


Al-Zamar Mckinny, better known as Uberhikari is an online reviewer and ranter who is known for reviewing anime and manga episodes and chapters, tv show episodes, as well as ranting on specific human rights issues. He also has a live stream known as the Cloud Village, which includes him and many other reviewers chatting for several hours about whatever they feel like.

Uberhikari, over the years, has received a lot of criticism for his honest and harsh opinions, some people calling him an arrogant dick, which he always denies, saying that he's just "confident" and leaving it at that.


Uber Hikari isn't very close with his family. His mother was always very abusive, both mentally and physically, to him and his brother and sister. When he was 15, he was diagnosed with several mental illnesses, which included, but were not limited to, depression and bipolar disorder. His family however, who did not actually believe in the existence of mental illnesses, denied that he had them, just calling him lazy, giving him no support.   He graduated from high school and just before he was about to graduate from college, but he had to drop out due to his mental illnesses getting that severe. It was around this time that he lost his job and his house, after which he went to live with his mother for awhile, until she kicked him out sometime in 2014.

He became homeless for 1 year and 5 months; it was for this length of time that he also went on a hiatus on his YouTube channel too, for obvious reasons. In late 2016 he got another job and managed to get his own apartment, and in early 2017 returned to making videos on his channel.


His username is a combination of two words from two different languages. The first word "Uber" is German which means over or super. Hikari is Japanese which means light. So together, his name probably means Super Light.

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  1. "Hello everybody, this is your boy, Uberhikari, aka the Nerd Ni**a, here to bring you another video with no frills, just the analysis." (Beginning of every video)
  2. "This was your boy, Uberhikari, aka the Nerd Ni**a, just brought you another video with no frills and just the analysis, peace and have a bless day." (End of every video)
  3. "I don't care about your opinions, I care about your arguments." -Personal motto when reviewing.


  1. He is 5'3 and weighs 110 LBS.
  2. He dated Cardi B as a teenager.
  3. He always cuddles after sex.

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