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UkieKooki is a Filipino YouTuber, best known for his How To Make It Weird series. He is also known for his reaction videos, Gaming videos and animations.

YouTube Career

Mark joined YouTube on February 22nd 2014. He was originally making Gaming videos. In late 2015, he made a video called How To Make Sonic.EXE Weird, which became one of his most popular videos with over 1.5 million views. The video was about him making fun of a popular indie horror game called Sonic.exe with memes and funny quotes. So far, he has made 4 sequels.

In 2015 he also made a video called Sunky.MPEG I DANCE SONIC DANCE, which is a video about him playing Sunky.MPEG, a popular parody game of Sonic.exe. It is currently his most popular video on YouTube with over 3 million views.

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