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Uncle Al is an American YouTuber that uploads gaming and entertainment videos.


He uploads fan-made videos about certain franchises, most notably Spongebob. These videos are usually much shorter than the original episodes. This person has the ability to mimic the voices of many characters, which is why his channel has become more popular.

Originally, he was doing some gaming videos. He was doing some commentary and reviewing in these gaming videos too.


  • He didn't reveal if he could do a Spongebob voice yet.
    • It wasn't until December 9, 2019 that it was revealed in his video, SpongeQuest. He usually parodies his voice by claiming his version of Spongebob has bronchitis.
  • His version of the Krusty Krab is called the "Krusty Kooch", while the Chum Bucket is called the "Nut Bucket" in his version.
  • He claims that his videos are technically shitposts.
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