Under the Scope focuses on Anime
Under the Scope is a Reviewer
Under the Scope is from the United States
Under the Scope is male
Under the Scope created their account in 2015
Under the Scope is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Jack, better known online as Under the Scope, is an American YouTuber who does reviews and discussions of anime-related content. He's good friends with fellow anime YouTuber MrNiesGuy, and the two of them have also done several collaboration videos together on each of their respective channels. He's appeared on multiple episodes of the anime related podcast Anime Association.

UTS Anime Awards

Every year Jack does the UTS Anime Awards, where he gives his opinions on the best anime of the year, splitting them up into several different categories, making it seem as official in presentation as possible.


Anime Association

Jack was one of the founding members of the Anime Association Podcast.

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