I do stuff sometimes.

  • Hi you.
  • why are you here
  • well I'll tell you some things
  • I'm male
  • I'm Italian-American
  • I like chocolate muffins
  • anyway if you don't know yet I'm a discussions mod here
  • that's epic
  • so apparently I can delete messages
  • if you see people being weird report them or something
  • then maybe an admin will block them
  • i'm pretty active here so that's cool
  • especially at 1 am
  • anyway you're free to keep reading.

Pages I made:

  • Juniper
  • Tank Fish (Mostly)
  • EpiclyBlueberry
  • PotatoPie25
  • Strobed
  • SoarinSky
  • Bedless Noob
  • Steven
  • 2020 VISION
  • AntoLne
  • Luca Marelli

First page I edited: ChloeGames

First reply i got was from: @Nisk00n.

Name: no

Age: You tell me

Birthday: no thanks

Goals: 1K edits, Rollbacker, not getting cancelled

Something I have to say: ok

Languages that I can speak

  • English
  • Italian
  • German (somewhat)
Minecraft.jpeg This user plays Minecraft.

RobloxLogo.png You can find this user on Roblox as Aparrentlyy

600 This user has over 600 edits on Wikitubia.

Jamebenedict.jpg This user is a certified bruh moment.

Facts about me that nobody cares about

  • I like cheese
  • I play Minecraft under the name Aparrently_
  • I play Roblox under the name Aparrentlyy
  • I have the second worst gifs (Second to Cluckster)
  • I have a YouTube channel where I upload content that I think is good but i look back and see that I suck at making videos
  • I enjoy looking at memes because yes
  • I make edits because I can.
  • I was on the GD wiki under the name Comma2910 when I was 12. My grammar was incredible, including sentences such as "Ima make some kool stuff doods".
  • I have friends (Yay)
  • I edit on a MacBook Air even though I have a better computer than that.
  • I live in Memeland trust me

My life


My epic quotes


Johnny Johnny yes papa

E man dan

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