1000 This user has over 1000 edits on Wikitubia.

User Silver.png Aparrently has been awarded the Silver Play Button for making 1000 edits on Wikitubia!

My resume (totally not stolen):

  • Most consistent wikitubia editor
  • most active wikitubia staff member (definitely not least active)
  • No lifes Minecraft
  • Has over 1,000 edits on a YouTube Wikipedia
  • Has over 10K rap on roblox
  • Got an A+ in my German exams yay
  • Watching too much YouTube
  • Writing this during class

Epic quotes

  • Your mother
  • keep watching to see what happens next
  • don't worry I'll edit more often in a month or something
  • but actually who seems to be the most likely to get promoted from "rollbacker, "content moderator" or "user" to "threadmoderator"
  • can't say I didn't see that coming
  • Harassment, telling nisk to commit scooter ankle (I was reporting someone)
  • bing bong Daisandon is gone
  • wait are the nons allowed to rate the admins?
  • Friday night vandalism