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―Bloody Sushi Studios

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night you! My name is Bloody Sushi Studios (BloodSushi for short) and I'm a rollbacker on the wiki. I'm also an editor on other wikis, such as The Cute Mario Bros Wiki (formerly), Angry Grandpa Wiki, Kill La Kill Wiki, and the AVGN Wiki. I'm interested in 2D animation, movies, video games, cartoons/anime, and YouTube. I also have a YouTube and DeviantArt account. I'm going to try my best to be civil on here and treat everyone the same (just don't get on my bad side, JK). I'm more interested in YouTuber content, and not necessarily their personality. I'm not really going to talk too much about my personal life, with exposing and cancel culture nowadays. But let's hope I can help people feel welcome here. Thanks!

Favorite YouTubers (not in order)

Pages I created

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  • LbrosFilm
  • Emilia Fart
  • Baglets
  • ChaosEmeraldStar
  • Crispy Toast
  • SonicToast
  • CuteC3
  • Bam Animation

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