aka Damani Norman

  • I was born on February 15
  • I am Male

Damani Norman (born February 15, 1987 [age 33]) is an entrepreneur and a real estate investor best known for his work on financial independence, financial investment, and real estate investing. According to his website, he created his second YouTube channel to share his real estate cinematography. As of August 2020, he has his second channel which has succesfully grown in a short period of time.  His success has been recognised by New York weekly and several other news outlets. 

Early Life 

Damani Norman was raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He attending one of the most prestigous high schools in the country Kingston College, he later graduated in 2006. After high school he never went to university, he found that investing in college was too expensive and rather save whatever earnings he had to invest in a business. Due to lack of oppurtunities in his country he later migrated to the United States.



His strategy made his incredibly successful, much more so than his peers. In 2019 he strategically partnered digitally with the top 1% of the global realtors, brokers, architects, developers, and interior designers by showcasing their luxurious homes on Instagram and Youtube. Outside of real estate investing, Norman has also invested in some of the largest multinational conglomerate based companies that he fulfilled through such as Sony, JPMorgan Chase, Apple and Sinopec Group.

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