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PLEASE NOTE: I am currently semi-active due to university stuff! I'll try to be more active!

Dani | ♀ | January 5th | Capricorn

Hi there! I'm HoneyCandiez! Please, call me Dani!~

Feel free to message me on my wall, I love talking to people, probably more than I should.(^v^)

I created my first Youtube channel in August 2011, naming it BeWeirdLikeMe. There I posted dumb skits, lip-syncing videos, dances, and other embarrassing things with my friends and I. I later deleted all of those videos by mid-January 2012, and replaced them with fairly successful lyric videos before deleting the channel completely in early October 2012. I then created my current channel for subscription purposes only.

I'm addicted to YouTube. I've been to Vidcon for the past two years, and went to Playlist Live for the first time in 2014 -- it was probably one of the coolest and best things I've even done.

Thanks for stopping by! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ