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hey you it's me edward

no that's not my real name

...that's it

ok bye

(former admin, left due to inactivity)

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i joined wikitubia on May 13, 2019. i was putting ReptileLegit's birthdate using info from one of her videos. i didn't edit here more often back then. after some minor edits, i began to frequently edit here more often, i made my first page, LankyBox.

i became a rollbacker on September 14, 2019. i became a moderator on October 17, 2019. i became an admin on December 7/8, 2019. i retired on July 7, 2021.

button to junk drawer

also why JackSucksAtLife doesn't mention me :'(

update: he mention me yey

my favorite youtubers

pages i created

he always watching u