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i have OCD (got a diagnosis over reddit) this might make me leave the wiki (eventually?) to prevent myself from doing bad or stupid stuff

What you probably came for

blah introduction

hi you, I'm Enayy, a filthy American. i am what wikiindex and wikipedia call a wiki ogre, as I mostly do small unnoticeable edits except for when i don't which is typically when i create a fucking page, and sometimes i don't make edits for a period of time. where can you find me? looking through the 5 most recently edited pages for typos and other grammar/spelling issues, and looking through random pages for the same thing. i also post things in discussions, where you can find me lurking in the comment section. my aspiration is to be an administrator on this site specifically, which means i need to pick up the pace.

areas of expertise

roblox youtubers, political youtubers, businesses and other company/brand youtube channels, especially automobiles, and relevant youtubers. call me when there's any of those and i'll get right on it.

yucky history

i've been here since late 2020 (december) and early 2021 (february). i got active around april and became a wikitubia discussions mod in august 18, 2021. along the way i have met some truly great people. my favorite moderators are tylerota2, nisk00n, stargroupplayz, nihonium, cluckster, nameofuser, and spongeboy. favorite former moderators - toasty dinosaur and domithegamer (who i don't know) favorite users, i like most users, but especially haobo12, headquarter8302, and asdrian1000 (they're not active on the wiki)

currently: top user and bureaucrat at minitubia, discussions/thread moderator at wikitubia (sysop on the mini twitch wiki), the first and currently (as far as i know) only black (of any kind) mod.

Wiki Contributions

pages i created:

pages i had a huge help in developing:

Mod Goals

Discussions Mod = August 17, 2021
Rollbacker = ?
Content Moderator = ?
Administrator = ?
Big Daddy Bureaucrat = ?

yay some boring trivia

i am a wiki user by the name of Race To Oblivion
i wanna be an administrator on fandom or wikipedia one day
my cousin has a page on this wiki JESUS IS KING and back in 2018 i was his manager
i'm a bureaucrat on minitubia and only started getting active on wikitubia in july
i normally shout expletives like a drunken irish sailor. i probably still will just less often.


all eastern time zone


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youtubers i plan on adding

feel free to add these guys (but plz dont i could use the edits)
in no particular order

  1. Snowy
  2. ProbablyRaging
  3. Toyota
  4. Nissan
  5. Business Insider
  6. Gap

external links

i have a shit ton of accounts on a bunch of websites so here are all my public accounts

ShutUpNisk - Instagram
DoYouNotHaveAcc - Twitter
Dauss - YouTube (1)
DoYouNotHaveAcc - ROBLOX
Gamingfartokids - Reddit
Gamingfartokids - Steam
Discord - Discord Server To Yell At Me
Minitubia - Minitubia
Community Central - Community Central

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