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Hey Good Ones Out! I'm you aka shitposter. First of all, since you're here you must be either really bored or just curious. Nothing much to see here. Just another guy who likes watching YouTube and playing games. I don't have much specific types of fav YouTuber. I watch all of them. I want the username to be Pretextor but I already change once so I can't now.

You can message me on wall for anything except it's breaking the rules. And my grammar might not be good since I'm not english.

I might not be as active as I used to since I got busy.


Fact about me

  • I'm a boy
  • I'm a weeb and gamer
  • I'm using source edit all the time
  • My family and friends don't know I edit on this wiki
  • I joined this wiki on August 17, 2021
  • I make 11,900th page

If you meet one of these criteria, your opinion are instantly invalid

  • Eat boneless chicken or bread/pizza without the crust.
  • Do not talk with default font size or color.
  • Calls everything overrated or underrated
  • Kpop/YouTuber stans
  • State your "unpopular opinions" (They do not pique my interest even the slightest bit!).
  • Think that remove dislike is a good update
  • Unironicly like YouTuber on YouTubers I hate
  • Do not find zozo's jokes funny.
  • Gacha player
  • Have emoji on your username
  • Unironicly likes nft
  • Overcritical to the point where you don't even watch youtube for enjoyment.

(If you happen to be all of the above, that is merely coincidental and I do not plan on doxxing you anytime soon unless provoked to do so).

Favourite stuff

My favorite are NOT in order


Steins;Gate(the most), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Oyasumi Punpun, Clannad: After Story, Fruits Basket 2019, Chuunibyou, Berserk, Vagabond, Kaguya-sama: Love is war, Hunter x Hunter, Gintama, No Game No Life, Fate/Zero, Gurren Lagann, Cowboy Bebop, Higurashi when they cry, Monogatari, To Love Ru Darkness, Vinland Saga, Jujutsu Kaisen, A Place Further Than The Universe, Muv Luv Alternative, Mawaru Penguindrum.

I've seen over 100 anime series. I mostly like anime from studio Shaft, Madhouse, KyoAni, Ufotable and Sunrise. I watch all types of anime although I trend to avoid hentai last few months.

Cartoons I like

One Piece(I know it's an anime. However, I've never really considered it one due to a variety of reasons), SpongeBob SquarePants, Avatar the Last Airbender, Phineas and Ferb, The Amazing World of Gumball, Toy Story, Rick and Morty

Games I like

Minecraft (now move to mini world), Hollow Knight, Dark Souls, Undertale, Stardew Valley, Half life, God of War, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Portal, Osu, Final Fantasy, Doom, Kirby, Horror rpg games

YouTubers I like

YouTubers I hate

If you are seething with anger because you disagree with one of my favorite, please watch this before commenting.


Pages that I make

Thestarfishy.jpg ZUFFY.jpg Tackle4826icon.jpg Realpeach.jpg Dep Ice cream.jpg
Aurk.jpg Rev says desu.jpg ByAsh.jpg Animan.jpg MamMam Ch. 真夢マム.jpg
海月シェル Shell Ch.jpg Forrestbono.jpg Maisaki Berry.jpg Gin JellyCat Ch.jpg Domyoji Cocoa.jpg
Mattias Krantz.jpg 神月天 - Kanduki Ama.jpg Nanana Ch. 風紙七鳴.jpg Mr Beard.jpg

Page that I will created soon

You can make them if you want. I don't really care.

  1. Muichirou XIV
  3. 鈴木勝 / Suzuki Masaru【Nijisanji】
  4. KamiyaJuu VTUBER
  5. KorewaEden
  6. Kurumi Ch. Project Kavvaii
  7. Ranmaru / らんまるちゃんねる
  8. ユキミお姉ちゃんねる-Yukimi
  9. Insider
  10. GOOD Magazine
  11. Ashadow Reviews
  12. Sagan Hawkes
  13. Ryuseishun Reacts
  14. Fox Recaps
  15. Minami
  16. Nick's Strength and Power
  17. Hat Films
  18. Cadaber
  19. YongYea
  20. ErickKanevsy
  21. comfi beats
  22. Mulverine
  23. David Finch
  24. GekkoH
  25. Recommended Playing
  26. Crowbcat
  27. MasakoTeam
  28. Appuppan and The Boys
  29. Tarzaned
  30. mans1ay3r
  31. BlueEyes

Some good moment

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Funny vandals

I don't promote just to showcase some vandals I found funny. Note that some of these are nfsw.


Homosexuals are gays.


All stans are bad.


I don't watch anime.

―The anime man[1]

Seriously, another anime with high schoolers saving the earth from danger story. what the fuck are the adults doing, playing house?


Feeling pain sucks unless you're a certain useless blonde crusader.

―Guy in CR

A wise man once said, "Damn you! Bastard! Useless!"


“I believed in reincarnation until 5 minutes ago.” “Then what happened?” “I died.”

―Johnny Hart

I have nuted every episode, Kaiji is so hot.


Masterpeace is but one of the words. Others include: Masterpiece, masterpice, master spice, mastiffpies, masterpice, Master Yi, Old spice, New Spice, Ice Ice Baby, Bing Chilling, Moisturize and Exfoliate, BTS EXO Twice, BlackPink, BlackBerry, Master Fleece, Master Flies, Master Lice, Master Juice, Master: Secret of the Handsome, Master Eyes, Amsterdam, Hamster, Damn


god is like an anime character


Yo mama so Xbox she Xboxed an Xbox.