Irregular coca cola

aka EpicMagicBoi6, Strange pepsi

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  • I live in Soda City
  • My occupation is A soda. Also, I have twitter now.
  • I am a male soda
  • Bio hello. im a bisexual furry who will start a furry revolution
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im a male person who prefers singular they or he pronouns. i think math is the best subject.

i am...

  • bisexual
  • otaku
  • furry
  • male
  • dumb

i like...

  • when i get badges
  • replying to messages
  • soda
  • furries
  • lgbtq+ community
  • the guys
  • american soccer (the one with hexagons and pentagons and stuff)
  • people who like furries
  • tic tacs
  • when blindcartagrapher is nice to me :)

i hate...

  • mentos (unless if its those fruit flavored ones i like those irl)
  • spam
  • vandalism
  • breakage of  R U L E
  • sockpuppets
  • when you're reading a book you've read before and then you suddenly remember the entire plot so the book is not intresting at all
  • science and social studies
  • microtransactions
  • spammer dudes
  • bowling kind of
  • people who hate furries
  • tic tac toe
  • when BlindCartagrapher bullies me :(
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