Pages I Have Created

Since I feel like showing off, here you go!

HolaSoyGerman- So Popular you've never head of him till now!

VanossGaming- Really Popular!

StampyLongHead- Really Popular!

FPSRussia- Why Am I Creating All These Pages?


About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Lofangas! I have a Youtube channel named Lofangas. I originally joined Wikia to promote my channel but soon realized that Wikitubia is almost dead. Seeing this, I try to edit, delete and contribute as much as possible hoping to make this wiki popular. I am currently having talks with the Wikitubia admins to make me admin so I can help even more! If I become admin then I will help complete the following goals:

-To make pages for all top 500 most subscribed Youtubers.

-To make pages for people that deserve recognition. Eg. Geriatric1927, Boh3m3 etc.