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Hi. I'm a wikitubia editor who mainly focuses on Japanese YouTuber articles.

I'm not very good at grammar, so I'd be happy if you'd fix my articles.

I came back to discord, so you can contact me on either discord or my message wall.

Rollbacker since August 23, 2021.

I will be busy for a while, so please don't expect me to be active.

Pages I've created

Pages I've created

Karameru.jpg Kiwami japan.jpg Arimura Taishi Icon.jpg Chogakusei Icon.jpg Sushi Ramen Riku Icon.jpg
Japanese Calligrapher Takumi Icon.jpg Inabakumori Icon.jpg Nobaman Icon.jpg EIKO GO Icon.jpg Akari Nanawo Icon.jpg
SeikinTV Icon.jpg African Penguin Icon.jpg Humboldt Penguin Icon.jpg Island Fox Icon.jpg Regulars logo.jpg
Sibamame.jpg Doc671 Icon.jpg MarioPower55.jpg Racingcatz.jpg KannaTateisu.jpg

Pages I've made an overhaul

  • HikakinTV (Someone beat me to it just to be up for cleanup >:O)

Templates I've created

Policy on video count updates for my articles

  • When I'm editing the article for different reasons.
  • When there are more than 10 new videos uploaded since the update.
  • When it's been a month since the last vid count update.

Favorite YouTubers

I basically love the entire Banana Bus Crew, but I put only a few of them to avoid making the list too large.

Favorite musicians (They are basically all vocaloid related lol)

My friends

YouTubers I've met in real life

YouTubers I might create an article

  • Kenshi Yonezu
  • KevinVG207
  • All of my favorite musicians that are undocumented
  • Overhaul on ヒトリエ / wowaka


Edit milestones

Achievement point milestones

"Going Viral!"

  • 796,000th edit
  • 823,000th edit
  • 864,000th edit

And most importantly...

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