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  • I live in the streets
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is begging for money
  • I am your dad
  • Bio i wuv trippie redd
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Hey you, I edit random pages and create new pages mostly about rappers. I am a Rollbacker at this wiki, so I can revert vandalism with just one click.

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What I jam to

Top of the list are my older songs, and bottom newer.

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My wikis

Cool Text - The Sidemen19 Wiki 348852473920675

Please create some pages at my (very much in progress) sandbox wiki!
You can create anything you like there unless its vandalism/spam!

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Wikitubia Rollbacker Active
The Sidemen Wiki Administrator Semi-active
TheSidemen19 Wiki Bureaucrat, Administrator, Founder Semi-active
Best Music Wiki Bureaucrat, Administrator Active
Wiki Wikitubia Administrator Active
Horrible Music and Songs Wiki Discussions Moderator, Chat Moderator Semi-active
C.Syde65's Wiki Discussions Moderator Semi-active
Teh Meme Wiki Content Moderator Active
The John Wicki Rollbacker Active
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