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Hey! I am just a normal Fandom user which is seen in some wikis, I am also a discussions moderator on Wikitubia!

Pages that I made

Pages that I made, At least the ones I can remember.

  1. Wonder Works Studio
  2. PlayAdoptMe
  3. Arcade Assassin
  4. Dan
  5. Captain Puffy (the page was deleted, but someone did remake the page)
  6. Yikes (the page was deleted, but someone did remake the page)
  7. ImOof

Favourite YouTubers

I dont have any.

Message wall rules

If u want to message me, don’t be shy! :)

But to keep this wiki a kind and happy community here’s some rules to posting in my message wall

  1. Do not message me off-topic messages on my wall, if it’s memes or something its fine I guess.
  2. Do not message things on my wall which break the rules (such as harassment)
  3. U can report vandalism to me.
  4. I can’t block people, u can still report someone who breaks the rules to me and I’ll remind/warn them.
  5. Do not spam my message wall.
  6. Do not be toxic on my message wall
  7. U can make fanart of me

That’s all my message wall rules, thank u for reading them! :D

yas queen








StarGroupPlayz my beloved


Edit milestones

Here is my edit milestones, I guess…


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400 This user has over 400 edits on Wikitubia.
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600 This user has over 600 edits on Wikitubia.