Team Ice Cube all the way! Yay!

―Bracelety, Getting Teardrop to Talk

is it blurpley or blurpulety

―a person on a discord server that i formerly active in

Hello you! Welcome to my page I guess. I am normally in the BFDI community. I'm also a content mod on the Minitubia Wiki. thats all lol

Favorite YouTubers

Pages that I added

i make pages but they get deleted real fast




Pages that people noticed


  • Four (four noticed that the page exists and announced it on the discord server. four dmed me saying thank you :D)


Pages that I added but was lazy to finish


  • EpiclyBlueberry (formerly)

Pages that I saved from getting deleted

yes, i won't update this stupid list since i save pages, but it ends at october



Pages that I saved from almost getting a candidate for deletion


YouTubers that noticed me


Tylerota2's very epic, inspired by the famous JackSucksAtLife, beautiful, nice, gaming pc mode, $10,000,000,000, super epic, red diamond award type, best play button wall

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  • Yes, I edit milestones for YouTubers.
  • Yes, I play Roblox.
  • Yes, I add photos.
  • Yes, I know how to change the size of profile photos.
  • Yes, I'm a human and make mistakes sometimes.
  • Yes, I use Grammarly.
  • No, I'm not a bot.
  • No, I don't have Grammarly premium.

Fun Facts

  • I was born on March 17, 2006.
  • If you see some blurple bracelet with limbs holding a sign on the join the discord thing, that is Bracelety. And that is my account.


there are no updates lol

a song

yes, check this video right here:

or you basically have to watch the entire bfb series just to not get spoilers or something

Four: Loser!

Loser: Huh?

Four: I have a message to tell you.

Loser: What is it?

basically the whole message:

You're the strongest, the brightest the shining example

You've got more loving fans than our planet can handle

And they worship you, they're stuck on you like super glue

Yes, your prowess is tried and true. You're our idol cube

Loser: Aw, thank you!


Your authority made you the head of the Losers

Now you beg for your praise

And you can't be a chooser

All the votes are cast

Few from viewers that you've amassed

Loser, oh, how it's felt so fast

Here's some deja vu

Despite your popularity, you got

Loser: The second most number of votes to stay?



message again:

You assume you're so righteous

So blind to your lying

Did you honestly think that you'd win without trying?

You said you played with your toys at an earlier date than when they were actually made


If that wasn't enough, yeah, you read Donut's diary

loser: But it wasn't like that


Liar, liar, pants on Firey

(Not a great look, Loser)

It was all on tape

Loser, you've got yourself to blame

See BFB frame 168,855


Despite your popularity, you got

Loser: Okay, the third-most number of votes to stay?

four: NO

message for the 3rd time:

Did you think you'd B.R.B. when you left the E.X.I.T.?

Loser: No, the E.X.I.T. is full


Well, you fell from grace

So you'll be our befitting contestant

Oh, Loser by name

Loser by nature

So guess what, Loser?

Despite your popularity, you got eliminated.


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