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If you want to know more about me, I am Vonn Karma, named after the von Karma family from the Ace Attorney series of video games. You can also call me Vonn, Karma or Sir. Wright if you want, anything's fine by me. My favourite genre of video games is platformers, but i'm always interested in new or different games and almost anything. I am a guy living his crazy little life in Australia. Things I do include; tumbling (flips and stuff), play Saxophone, play video games, and hang out around Wikia. I'm a person who loves a good YouTube session, and seeing Wikitubia being practically dead, I decided I would like to help out and get this place as best as it could be.



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Congratulations, you have found the secret text of my userpage. Hooray! There is no point to this text being here other than making this box the right size so i'd like to say you win something but you don't. Sorry.

Because why only have one?
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  • If you can't tell, I really like the Guy Fawkes mask and it's concept so a pop-art version of the mask is now my primary sig.
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  • The classic Ace Attorney one. Even though it's my secondary sig, it takes up the sig1 page for some reason.