Hi Wikitubians or Wikitubers or...I'm Wwefanboi and just because my name says I'm a WWE fan doesn't mean that I'm not a YouTube fan either! I started watching YouTube in 2011 but first heard about it around 2007- 2008. I didn't really start becoming a diehard fan or "expert" if you want to say that until 2014, after a three year hiatus from YouTube. 

Right now, I am on Project Wikitubia. I will go through all the categories to have access to editing EVERY SINGLE PAGE on Wikitubia. I've done a lot of big projects on this Wiki but I believe this is the biggest I have ever encountered.

I also have plans on making more pages and working heavily on many select pages. Happy editing :) !

What I'm good at

  • Adding information
  • Updating information
  • Rearranging sentences
  • Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling
  • Keeping articles neutral
  • Being nice and responding to fellow users!

What I'm bad at

  • Coding

What I'm neutral at

  • Consistency
  • Adding videos/pictures
  • Updating videos/pictures

Fun Fact (s)

  • I once spent 223 straight days on this Wiki.

Feel free to message me on my wall if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Wikitubia rules, customs, events, and content! God bless us all!