So the way my school works is we have half our classes on one day and our other half on the next. The problem is we have 7 periods so it doesn’t work out evenly. So the school decided that we would have 3rd period everyday, now I have gym for 3rd period so I’m running laps everyday. (3rd period is the shortest class so I don’t have to run for an hour.) luckily I actually don’t have to do that everyday and we get to choose between football soccer or hand ball.

But anyways this Chinese kid (I know because of his name) is pretty cringy. Everyone has to walk laps inside the gym for our warm up and there’s music playing so of course the Asian kid is skipping around and dancing to the song. I kinda feel bad for him and I kinda become his friend so we talk about our channels, views, subs, you know all the good stuff. I mention how one of my vids got taken down from some jerks. Basically he’s kinda my friend now so I start calling him Ching Chang Chong but this is something I say as a joke to my friends even before I even called him that.
Now on Monday someone airdropped me (yes we have school iPads because we’re spoiled but yt is blocked) a petition for no school the day after Halloween so I get it and then the next day I have my elective. At our school we have the wheel and basically we have a little bit of each elective. Mine is tech ed where there are saws, sander, it’s basically epicness (yes I said it) but I start air dropping people the petition but what someone sees is someone named “Ching Chang Chong your mom is gone”
At gym my other friend said someone airdropped him named “Ching Chang Chong your mom is gone” so the Asian kid gets kind of mad and really takes this personally so I’m like no I don’t know who airdropped you that but then later we’re headed outside to run laps and my friend asks me again if I knew who airdropped him that so I confess it was me so now the Asian kid gets mad so mad that he drops me on the wooden floors and a ton of people saw.
Now while we’re running I go up to him and say how when I airdropped people with that name I didn’t think about how he might not like it so he forgives me and kinda lectures me about it but it’s kind of annoying because he’s at the height where his mouth is at the height of my ears. But soon something really bad happens and rages and some punches are thrown. It’s gonna be called Asian kid fights me
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