January poll is done. 15.6K votes were cast and with 16% of the overall votes (2.5K) our new Hall of Fame member is Videogamedunkey. There will be no second place returner for the February poll as we are doing something different. In honor of Black History Month we are doing an all black creator poll.

The March poll will be similar. We will be doing an all FEMALE poll in honor of Woman History Month. So please make sure that when you are requesting people that they are female creators who have a minimum of one million subscribers and have a page on our site. I will let you guys know that the March Hall of Fame will be our last for a few months. I feel like we should take a small break from it and ending on our 50th Hall of Fame member sounds like a good number (Thank you Cluckster for suggesting that). We will be doing other polls in its place. I have an idea that i want to do and i hope you all like it.

Please note that we will be announcing this poll like usual so if you dont want to get announcement alerts from this wiki, please contact someone at the Community wiki to find out how to block our announcements.

Hopefully you guys like the selection of people in this poll as not a lot of people suggested people for this poll (even on Twitter). So i had to choose the remaining people.

Winner of the last Hall of Fame — KSI with 5.1K votes.

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