Hey everyone, October poll is done and with 8K out of the 14.7K total votes, our new Hall of Fame Member is Dream. We decided this month to give the second place return to the user in third place as it didnt seem fair to some editors that Game theory was given so many chances while also having a channel already in the Hall of Fame, so we will add ProZD this month.

This Months poll is the start of a new way for us to do polls for the current time. Polls will be done via the Strawpoll.me website as it has integration with Fandom.

Please remember to only vote for people for the December poll with at least 1 Million Subscribers and they must have a page on the site. Brand New people who have never been in a poll are more likely to be added if people request them.

Winner for the last Hall of Fame -- Dream with 8K votes.

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