I had been concerned about this for a long time, and I'm only saying this for her benefit, despite the fact I seem to be a rival with her. I've seen dead accounts many times, never to be seen again, and I'm afraid she can soon be one of them. I don't want her to do this, like her abandonment from her followers and me on DA, and I hate to express this negativity, but I had been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for her to progress her stories/channel. It amazes me that ever since our fallout several months ago, this problem just gets worse. Honestly, I thought she'd be able to make more promising projects on YT,, and perhaps elsewhere since she bailed on DA, and I'd been putting my shaky faith on the line for something productive and worth watching. But, I'd been wrong. Very wrong..!

She's still stuck at 84 vids. despite having a measly 16 subs (including me) and still is writing summaries on the LOTM wiki, as well as the Fayelons Story on Reddit, and I had been trying to offer her some small advice on her channel, but no matter what nothing seems to go anywhere. Everything has been stagnant, and with the nation re-opening its economy gradually amidst the pandemic, I always thought there'd be a sliver of hope in that ominous cloud. But I think maybe it's time to just throw in the towel. She seems to be giving the silent treatment much more than I do, as she tends to ignore and just forget my presence; heck, she doesn't even follow wiki pages and check for any updates on her own work, nor bothers to tell us fans what's wrong. Why has she been doing this??

Everything seems so minute and her last vid was only posted a few months ago, which is a part of her reaction vids on a long LP that may never be finished. I'm only displaying my great disappointment to her, not resentment. As I'd mentioned in my fallout blog, part of being a devoted artist is to be consistent and to complete projects instead of leaving them, and yourself, hanging; not to mention leaving followers high and dry. While they may seem to like her older works, especially the Ratchet/Kim vids which seem the most popular, they may wear out their interests sooner or later by repetition like they would with any other show. I try and do my best, even though I can admit we may not have the best of quality, but all I'm saying is if you don't keep at it, who would want to follow you? All I see is disappointment, unfinished and undevoted work, as well as abandoning her fans/followers which is by far the worst thing she can do!

Has she lost interest or inspiration? Does she even CARE about her followers anymore? I, at first, was the one who encouraged her to keep going in the 1st place back when she did her Showitious vid and I had to wait for months on end for the next several vids. This is not how she, or anyone, should address their viewers. Keep being consistent, get stuff done, stop leaving us hanging and anticipating for more vids only to be left out of the equation! But what the hell am I doing?? I'm sure this'll fall on deaf ears, particularly hers, and perhaps I'm beating a dead horse. Y'know what, as the Beatles song goes, Let it Be. Even if she were to get the Fayelons Story done, which could take the whole Mass Effect trilogy, I'm sure her talent would exponentially...fizzle out, and I'm afraid that much like DA, we may never even see her nor her projects again. How can I or anyone else carry on her work if she does??

I feel my opinion has been justified and she has officially hit rock bottom. She only has her stubborn self to blame for this. I am officially done trying to move this dead weight; I have nothing more to add to this fanfiction failure.

Also, I happen to have a temporary ban. This wasn't harassment or bullying, just sheer disappointment. I swear from this moment on, I shall never post a single blog if they don't like what I need to say!

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