I've meant atone! My bad... I think I'm gonna take a break from recitals this weekend; my old man has gone for a couple hrs. to the flea market, and so far, I never got a single vote. I'm still undecided as to which project I should do next. Poll's still available on my page. Don't forget to vote on other sites like my channel page on YouTube, or my pages on the F-Zero, Wikitubia, or LOTM wiki. turns out although Saberspark has just received scrutiny from YT, cause commentators said he should try Youtube Kids, he's still not showing ANY remorse on the putrid content he's been doing! I even left a negative comment on the matter, wishing he'd find atonement on what he's done; I really thought YT was finally giving him a kick in the nads of his sexualized vids! Well, here's what I mean:

Here's my rant:

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