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VS Suscriptores is a Spanish YouTube channel dedicated to uploading videos of the growth of channels with more subscribers in the world in real time.

About The channel

VS currently has 58 videos, in which it shows live the growth of the 25 channels with more subscribers in the world, (in addition to following the growth of channels such as: Marshmello, VEGETTA777, Willyrex, AuronPlay, Luisito Comunica, Ninja, Enchufetv, LosPolinesios and DrossRotzank).


Upload videos of the growth of youtubers with more subscribers (from PewDiePie to Like Nastya Vlog).


  • VS Suscriptores (Top 30)
  • VS TV (Upload HolaSoyGerman vs Badabun, abandoned because few people were going to watch live).


  • What is needed to appear on the live screen is: Subscribe to the channel.
  • For the VS chat to answer you, you must put: such a thing !, (as hello = greeting,! Levitate = levitate, etc ...).
  • To put a song in the background, (because yes, there are songs) you must put in the chat: Mr. this song !, (ex:! Mr. Janji - Heroes Tonight)
  • Facebook is his only social network.
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