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Hey guys!

―VeD_Dev’s Intro

VeD_Dev is an English Roblox YouTuber. He is most famous for his glitch tutorials on Roblox games such as Jailbreak or Bee Swarm Simulator, as well as his tutorials on other things like how to get in-game currency fast, etc. He also has, currently, a "Dares On Roblox" series.

Second/Fortnite Channel

Like some other YouTubers, VeD_Dev also has a Fortnite channel going by the name "VeD_Dev - Fortnite", which has over 10,000 subscribers, and is somewhat active.



VeD_Dev started out playing many Roblox tycoon games, and would also release in-game codes. He also did tutorials on how to get certain Roblox event items for your avatar, and did tip & tricks videos. In April 2017, when Jailbreak was released, VeD_Dev then began doing tip & tricks videos on Jailbreak. VeD_Dev hasn't stopped playing Jailbreak since release, too. VeD_Dev also began doing glitch tutorials, which were often overpowered or would break the game. He also did code and glitch videos for other Roblox games that were popular, too; such as Murder Mystery X and Bee Swarm Simulator. When the Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2018 was going on, VeD_Dev did tutorials on how to obtain the eggs you had to hunt for.


Sometime in June 2018, with little announcement, VeD_Dev made a second channel, where he uploaded Fortnite gameplays and tutorials. The channel only had 2 videos, and that channel was inactive for a while. That is, until VeD_Dev officially announced the channel in September 2018. He then uploaded a third video there. It is unknown if the channel will continue or not.


  • VeD_Dev is well known for being good friends with another YouTuber named Sandra. They often do Roblox dares together, both on video and off-camera. some fan thought they're in a relationship          
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