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Jodie-Amy Rivera-Odete (born: February 22, 1984 (1984-02-22) [age 36]), better known online as VenetianPrincess, is an American YouTuber who commonly uploads original songs or parodies.  


Rivera was born in Venice, Italy, but was raised in Brockton, Massachusetts. As a child, she starred in various films, including her most well-known role as Emily in Hocus Pocus. Rivera studied opera as a soprano at the New England Conservatory of Music, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Her official biography lists her background in modeling, including her most recent title of Miss Massachusetts State Queen.

YouTube career

Rivera created her channel in September 2006 after discovering YouTube. Originally using her channel to upload audition videos, she then began uploading home movies, a lot of which involved full-on fantasy adventures with elaborate costumes. After Google purchased YouTube in 2007, Rivera was invited to an exclusive group of YouTube partners by Google. This group generated revenue by allowing ads to run on their videos. Rivera has credited herself a "one-woman show", since she writes, films, and edits her own videos, as well as doing her own makeup and costumes. With the support of her viewers, she ended up surpassing Disney star Miley Cyrus and becoming the #1 most subscribed female in the world.  This is a title she held for over 2 years, before being surpassed by JennaMarbles. As an extension of her YouTube channel, Rivera owns a successful New Media Production company. In 2011, her company signed a partnership with Sony Music, and she officially became a Sony ATV artist.


Most of Rivera's uploads are "friendly" parodies. They are often comical sketches to the same tune of popular songs, but in fact had nothing to do with the actual song or artists themselves. Her most popular parodies include "Outer Space," "Womanizer," "I Kissed a Girl (Eldery Remix)," "Just a Zombie," and "7 Things Guys Don't Have to Do."

Personal life

Rivera resides with her husband, cat, and three dogs. Outside of her videos, she is passionate about animal rescue and historical houses.  Her spare time includes decorating, antiquing, and watching old hollywood films.

On February 10, 2014, Rivera's mother passed away from COPD, a common lung disease. The same disease has also claimed her grandfather and her grandmother, who died from it in March 2014. Her father's passing time is unknown.

She gave birth to a girl, Arianna Isabelle Odete, in November 2014.

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