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Hey, what's up, guys? It's Verbalase, beatboxer from outer space!

―Verbalase's intro

Adym Steven Evans (born: January 11, 1984 (1984-01-11) [age 40]), better known online as verbalase, is an American hybrid singer, beatboxer, impressionist, rapper, sound effects and loop artist. He is best known for his animated YouTube series Cartoon Beatbox Battles, in which characters from popular franchises partake in musical feuds.[1]

Evans combines beatboxing, rapping, singing, sound effects and other improvised vocalizations to create remixes of popular songs and cartoon theme song mash-ups.[2] Originally hailing from Montclair, California – with a stint in Las Vegas – Adym moved to New York City in 2011, and has since honed his talents busking in the subways and streets of New York City.[3]

Meme status[]

Adym has two memes related to him, either from live footage or his animated works. The former is his beatbox rendition of the Tetris theme in a video he uploaded to Instagram.[4] The latter is taken from his series "Cartoon Beatbox Battles", involving a clip of Marvel antagonist Thanos beatboxing from "Darkseid VS. Thanos".[5] This also includes a clip of Sonic the Hedgehog beatboxing while he is in his super form.[6]


Hazbin Hotel music video[]


Verbalase's response

Adym's name began trending on the social media platform Twitter on January 12, 2024. In September 2023, a user from his Discord server had uploaded an animated music video online, which Adym had commissioned. This was discovered to be a studio-animated video with a self-insert, which he had allegedly paid $47,000 for in November of 2021, titled "Hide Away". It was directed by Steven Chase.

In said music video, Charlie Morningstar, the main character of the indie series Hazbin Hotel by Vivziepop, chases Adym's character through various locations before tying him to a bed and engaging in sexually provocative gestures. The video is set to the 2018 song "Hide Away" by French house band Synapson.[7][8] Although the video had been completed nearly two years beforehand (March 12, 2022),[9] its leak in January lead to massive amounts of attention as a parodic subject, with various memes, fan art and discussion surrounding its existence. Questions were raised about who had animated the video as Adym paid close to $50,000 for it to be produced.

Compared to the content found on Adym's Verbalase channel, the animation is highly suggestive in nature. Allegedly, originally unhappy with content of the original music video for "Hide Away", Adym commissioned an animation featuring himself in the Hazbin Hotel universe. He considered the video "too mature" to post to his channel, and had it posted privately until it was uncovered in September 2023.[10]

The animation has also been seen as controversial due to Charlie Morningstar canonically being in a sapphic relationship, leading to users calling the animation distasteful as well contributing to allegations of homophobia against Adym.

Homophobia and transphobia[]

In January 2024, @Deathraptor6 on Twitter uploaded various screenshots alleging that Adym made several homophobic and transphobic remarks on his Discord server, causing him to be met with displeasure from many fans and users.[11]

Response video[]

On January 20, Adym made a response video on his second channel discussing the commissioned animation and the homophobia and transphobia allegations.[12] He also responded with a community post on the same channel and pinned the exact same text from his community post on his "Glamrock Freddy Beatbox" video on his main channel. In his response, Adym apologized for the bigoted comments he made, saying that he was influenced by a lot of large YouTubers talking about film drama and subconsciously took in a lot of the anti-LGBT rhetoric, but when called out on it realized that these beliefs went against his religious teachings, since hating others is antithetical to finding unity, as well as how he was making fun of other people like how others made fun of him when he was a kid.

Adym also claimed that the Hazbin Hotel animation was created for a secondary channel that he intended on creating for an adult audience, and was commissioned from a professional animation studio. He said he started having second thoughts after creating the channel and later decided to delete it entirely, although by then someone had saved the video and decided to upload it maliciously. He also stated that he would continue uploading content for Verbalase.


  • He is a Buddhist.[12]