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Alexander Hansen (born: July 25, 1997 (1997-07-25) [age 22]), better known online as Vexento, is a Norwegian YouTube musician who currently resides in Canada. He rose to fame with his singles "Where We Belong," "Digital Kiss," "Masked Raver" and "Yesterday On Repeat".


Alexander started his YouTube channel in 2013, uploading all the songs he made with FL Studio. After his music was famous he received contracts with NCS to sell his records and there he gained the total fame with Masked Raver.

Personal Life

He grew up alongside his younger brother. His girlfriend is Allison Placido. Since he was little he was interested in the world of music and his inspiration came from several artists, but the greatest was Avicii. He is currently creating songs in YouTube, some of them with his girlfriend.


Together, he and Lucas King released the single Icaro and Peace.


  • "Music is my way out. My way out of reality. Thousands of thoughts and feelings constantly rushing through my mind, and I feel like the only way for me to get it out of my head is through music. This is why i do what i do. My goal is not to be good at one specific type of music, i'd rather just let my mind, mood and emotions control everything. Doesn't matter if it's slow, fast, sad, happy, electronic, chill or just a simple piano piece.. Music is music and anything goes."
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