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Virgeo Studios Logo

Virgeo1228, Virgeo Studios LLC, is owned by Emiliano Acevedo. In 2006, he and a close friend decided to create a Lego stop-motion animation that would coincide with a weekly comic. The video, The Sound of One Man Snapping (Bloody Lego Fight Scene), was uploaded onto their first channel, Brick Players. 

The video had some success. After some time Emiliano's brother called him to let him know that the video was shown on a Japanese Television show. At this time, their father, Mario Acevedo , was published with his first book, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats

To help garner interest in his book, Mario created a small studio space and provided Emiliano with equipment to create a Lego stop-motion book trailer. In 2008, Vampire Lego Movie was released. It was followed by a couple more book trailers: Jailbait Zombie Book Trailer (2009), and Undead Threat to America (2010).

After Vampire Lego Movie was uploaded, Emiliano wanted to continue creating stop-motion videos. His initial vision was to create an animation of Lego minifigures acting out how Emliano played with them as a kid; this meant violent combat scenerios. After creating a 3 foot square complex and covering it with 2 lbs of cane sugar, filming began on Apocalypse Lego Episode 1: Frozen Terror

The series was intended to be entitled "Apocalypse Lego," but fans recognized the series as Frozen Terror, which stuck. It is now known as the FT series

The series has obtained a great following and there are plans to continue the series. 

The channel has uploaded other videos unrelated to the Frozen Terror series such as Lego Hector Vs Achiilles: Illiad Battle of Troy , Harry Potter and the Revenge of the Muggles (Voldemort Vs the Navy SEALs) ,  and the channel's most popular video, Lego Zombie Movie

In 2012, Emiliano tried his luck at creating a kickstarter project to fund his film, The End of Magic. Though the crowdfunding campaign wasn't successful, he still plans on following through with this project in the future.

Emiliano has also designed custom parts for Lego minifigures and they can be found on shapeways

The channel has done animation contests rewarding winners with Lego sets and plans to do this again in the near future. 

In 2013, Emliano officially licensed Virgeo Studios as an LLC. 

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