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Vision Squad created their account in 2013
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Vision Squad, formerly known as Team Crafted, was a group of people who recorded Minecraft videos together on a regular basis. The members of the group have inspired thousands of people to make their own Minecraft YouTube channels, and some to even create their own YouTube groups. They even had a house together in Encino, California (thought to be located in Balboa Avenue), although the only person living there now is Minecraft Universe.


Team Crafted was originally created as a group by DeadloxMC as a group of friends for recording purposes. The first three members were SkyDoesMinecraft, Minecraft Universe, and DeadloxMC. A while later, Setosorcerer was the fourth member to be added and soon HuskyMUDKIPZ was added as the fifth. Soon enough KermitPlaysMinecraft was added. One year later, SSundee joined the group, followed by CavemanFilms.

CavemanFilms left very quickly due to unknown reasons. There is a rumor he and Sky got in a fight and he left. TeamCrafted was then joined by BajanCanadian and JeromeASF within an hour, making BajanCanadian and JeromeASF the ninth and tenth members of Team Crafted. DawnDigsMinecraft, who was engaged with Sky at the time, left the team after they broke up and Dawn deleted her YouTube channel right after.

In late July 2013, KermitPlays left, stating that he wanted to go solo. BlueMonkey stated on Twitter he and WeedLion have joined Team Crafted. In early November, Setosorcerer left Team Crafted due to the group wanting to do real life skits stated in a taken down live stream by SkyDoesMinecraft. Seto and the others are not on bad terms as of this time.

On March 2, 2014, they made public that they added xRpMx13 to Team Crafted. Adam, better known as SkyDoesMinecraft, left the team for reasons that have not yet stated, on March 6, 2014, though stating on Twitter that nothing had happened and that he and the others are still on good terms. Some of his good friends then decided to follow suit.

Adam's girlfriend confirmed on her account that he left because he did not approve of the direction that Team Crafted was taking, mostly likely referring to the commercial company and advertiser dealings directions that Team Crafted is following with the guidance of their group manager, Matt Michelsen. On March 6, the same day Adam left, another member left known as BlueMonkey or James. He left because he thinks an animator in a group of gamers doesn't make sense. Another member left on March 6, 2014, Deadlox; he didn't provide any reason except saying "he's in the same boat as Adam as of leaving". On March 7, HuskyMUDKIPZ, or Quentin, left because he said he needs to grow on his own and go his own way. On March 12, 2014 Team Crafted's (now former) artist Deceptibonk, left Team Crafted. She stated that "it was fun to meet everyone" and that she left on her own behalf. On March 21, 2014, WeedLion left for unknown reasons. They are all still on good terms and will continue recording videos together, as stated by Adam on his Twitter. On Twitter, Weedlion confirmed he had left the team.

On an unknown date, the featured channels list on the TeamCrafted channel, which lists the members, removed SSundee from the list. There is currently a total of four members: BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, xRpMx13, and Minecraft Universe (though it is uncertain if TeamCrafted is being revived or not).

TeamCrafted aimed to capitulate on their current global Minecraft recognition by forging connections with a number of different advertisers to work product marketing angles into their videos. Some of their paid work included playing on specific Minecraft servers, gaming product advertisements and promoting upcoming movies. They have done photoshoots for Gunnar Optiks, a brand of eyeglasses which protect your eyes from being damaged by screens. They have also had funding from Geico and done advertising in return.

On June 1, 2014, Deadlox posted a video on the Team Crafted channel announcing a relaunch with a completely new roster of members for Team Crafted. Deadlox did not like how TeamCrafted had become commercialized and said that he did not like the way TeamCrafted had become. Deadlox originally wanted TeamCrafted to be a community channel where friends would meet together and commentate. For this reason Deadlox wanted to bring TeamCrafted into a "new era" by making it a community channel where it would bring smaller Minecraft YouTubers into spotlight. An hour after the video was posted the video became private. The video was then re-uploaded by a channel name called "LebronJames Durant" and can be seen by clicking here.

As of now there are no members on Team Crafted if one was to base it off of the featured channels module. The featured channels on Team Crafted did have new members, but after the video stating the "New Era of TeamCrafted" became private and the Team Crafted featured channels module was removed.

Team Crafted somehow came to a end after 2014 with no reasons from it but it is still unknown that Team Crafted will come back.

However on Feburary 8th 2016, the group made a reunion through a round of cops and robbers a classic game on which they used to play. So the group may now be on better terms now but they aren't recording together again. They have recorded more videos together since, including a Battledome and a Lucky Blocks Race. Jerome has recorded the most videos with other Team Crafted members individually since then.

There is now a new iteration of TeamCrafted, going by the name Vision Squad, including some of the former members of Team Crafted, such as SkyDoesMinecraft and ASFJerome

As of Mar 15, 2020, SkyDoesMinecraft now renamed to Sky Does Everything uploaded a new video with BajanCanadian titled Nostalgia Craft #1. Here they talk about Team Crafted and potentially inviting members like HuskyMudkipz, TrueMU, Setosorcerer, SSundee, JeromeASF, Deadlox, Kermit and other former members. In this episode it is revealed that Adam and TrueMU are also in a rocky patchy with each other due to an unspecified reason. On Mar 30, 2020, SkyDoesEverything uploaded a video titled "IS TEAM CRAFTED COMING BACK? (Addressing The Rumors...)" with him confirming that a Team Crafted reunion is going to happen. that same video, he said that most Team Crafted members from its original era will not be returning.


Nostalgia Craft 1 w Bajan Canadian (Team Crafted Stories, living with Post Malone, etc.)

Former Members

  • CavemanFilms (Dan) - Left for unknown reasons. There is a rumor him and Sky got in a fight and he left, though. He is still on good terms with the team.
  • DawnDigsMinecraft (Dawn) - Dawn left and deleted her YouTube channel after she and Sky broke up, but Sky stated that there is 'no ill will between' them and that 'sometimes things just don't work out'. She later disappeared from all social media.
  • KermitPlaysMinecraft (Dakota) - Kermit left and promptly stated that he wanted to go solo. There is a rumor going around saying it was because he got all his fans from sky, and wanted to prove it on his own, this was prove false as recently he and Sky posted videos of them playing with each other. However, on the Team MVG website, Kermit is listed as a member.
  • Setosorcerer (Name Unknown) (Might be Harvey or Phat) - Left Team Crafted by a vote. According to Seto's video (which tells one side of the story and is was taken down) he was taken out because of his commentary style. However, Team Crafted is a channel used for Team Crafted to do vlogs and skits on, and because he wants his face and location unknown, he would not do vlogs or skits. He still has rare interactions with SkyDoesMinecraft and continues to stay friends with Deadlox. After a while, Adam apologized to Seto, saying that "He wished he was a better friend" and "Missed him.". As of August 9th 2016, he has reappeared in YouTuber Classic PSY's co-op episode of Portal 2. His real name is unknown, but a theory started that his real name is Jimmy. This was due to when KkComics (his friend) and Seto were playing Portal 2 and KkComics referenced a meme "tHaT rEaLly rUsTled mY JIMMIES" and called Seto "The Jimmy Rustler". This could not have been true, but there is a speculation that his real name is Harvey, Phat, Pat or something along the lines of those names.
  • SkyDoesMinecraft (Adam) - Adam left on March 6, 2014 due to reasons he has not yet stated. Here's the tweet that he tweeted out stating that he left. According to the tweet, he is still friends with Team Crafted and they will continue making videos together. It was his decision to leave and he wasn't kicked. Many people think he left because the team was starting to get very commercialized.
  • Deadlox (Tyler) - Tyler said that he "was in the same boat as Adam" and left.
  • BlueMonkeyAnimations (James) - James left on March 6, 2014. According to his tweet, he says "An animator to be part of lets players doesn't make sense". That's the reasoning he has due to his leaving. He created AshleyMarieeGaming's intro.
  • HuskyMUDKIPZ (Quentin) - Quentin left on March 7, 2014. He says in this tweet that he wanted to go his own way and that they were still all friends. Also, he says he was going to do this in the future when he thought Adam was doing it, but he is leaving as well. They still are all friends and they will continue recording with each other.
  • DeceptiBonk (Bonks)- Bonkers left on March 12, 2014, due to her own reasons, she said "it was fun to meet everyone" and "she is still friends with the team".
  • WeedLion (Inge) - Inge confirmed his departure on March 21, 2014 giving no reason.

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Former Members

Where Are They Now

Since, Team Crafted/Vision Squad has died, the members went their separate ways. As you know the good friends, JeromeASF and TheBajanCanadian started a new Minecraft group called The Pack ​​​​​in 2014.



  • In a Sky video called “LETS TALK: TEAM CRAFTED” on his vlogging channel, he states Team Crafted had disbanded, because the members hadn't seen eye to eye much.
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