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VocaCircus (also known as Circus-P) is an American YouTuber, VOCALOID producer, and a UTAU voice provider of Aido Ishiama and Genne Setto. He made debut since 2009, but he deactivated his DeviantArt and YouTube accounts on May 2011, following his hiatus, and the usage of an illegally-distributed VOCALOID software. He resumed his career in October 2011, now with his new name "VocaCircus."


On May 4, 2011, CircusP deleted many of his YouTube videos and later closed his YouTube and DeviantArt accounts. These sudden actions were due to the use of POCALOID for these songs, and he wanted a hiatus for maturity. CircusP eventually reactivated his deviantART account, and in October 2011 (exactly 5 months later), he made a new YouTube account with a humorous username, and is currently uploading videos using legal software.


  • According to VOCALOID Fandom Wiki, he actually debuted since August 2009 and began making original VOCALOID songs since 2010, and was also a UTAUloid voice provider for Aido Ishiame and Genne Setto, and creator of Chii Feirune.
  • According to Circus-P's SoundCloud's account, there was another name spelled "Matt", thus it was possibly his first real name, although his surname is currently unknown.
  • He is an electronic music artist, and he can use virtual synthesizers for stuff.
  • When beginning his channel in 2011, he made Vocaloid songs, in which they only sing in Japanese, and with English subtitles.
  • His first video was the Vocaloid Original song titled "Insanity", which was sung by SF-A2 Miki, featuring Kaito.
    • Gumi Megpoid's Copycat, posted in 2016, reached 15 million views, making this an all-time most-popular video in VocaCircus' channel.
  • "VocaCircus" is a combination of "Vocaloid" and his online persona "Circus-P".

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