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Michael David Stevens (born: January 23, 1986 (1986-01-23) [age 33]), better known online as Vsauce, is an American educational YouTuber. Vsauce is generally educational, with sister channels Vsauce2Vsauce3, DONG and WeSauce. Vsauce is currently the most subscribed educational YouTuber with over 14.3 million subscribers.

Vsauce was originally created by then member of the BarelyPolitical team, Michael Stevens in 2007. Back then, Michael only made comedy and parody videos. Later on, several regular shows began on Vsauce. These shows included DONG (things you can Do
Online Now, Guys) but now there is a channel for DONG which also uploads LÜT videos on that channel too, IMG! (a presentation of photographs), LÜ T (cool things for sale) (now uploaded on DONG channel), and DOT. where Michael asked a weird question (i.e. What is Cool?) and attempt to answer it while also targeting several other questions.

WeSauce is about fan-created content, with segments such as Your BiDiPi and JAM.


On June 24, 2010, Michael Stevens created the first Vsauce channel. The channel originally focused primarily on video games, before branching out into other topics such as science and education. As of recently, the channel focuses on education, with the primary educational segment, DOT., being broadcast since September 9, 2012.

Originally featuring a number of hosts, segments such as "IMG!" took over the channel which resulted in Michael Stevens becoming the sole host.

The name, Vsauce, was supposedly generated from using the fake website generator portion of the name generator at

Since its creation, Vsauce has branched out into numerous different channels, with Vsauce2 created on December 7, 2010 and Vsauce3 created on December 24, 2010. The latest channel, titled WeSauce was opened on July 25, 2012.

The channel began to gain some popularity in September 2012 after Bill Nye co-starred in the video, "Why did the chicken cross the road?". The channel also gained 1 million subscribers in that same month.


Channel statistics as of April 14, 2018

Channel Subscribers Views
Vsauce 13,166,542 1,404,935
Vsauce2 3,831,586 558,706,326
Vsauce3 3,515,859 342,562,824
DONG 1,034,945 68,494,231
WeSauce 176,514 4,367,746
Vsauce Radio 2,853 N/A
TOTAL 21,728,299 2,378,499,940



Vsauce is the main channel and is hosted by Michael Stevens, and features answers to recurring scientific and philosophical questions such as "Is anything real?" as well as less asked questions such as "How much does the internet weigh?".

The original channel is currently very popular, gaining over 7 million subscribers whilst the others have 3.5 million or less. Michael Stevens has stated that he researches his information on Wikipedia as well as using academic papers.


WeSauce features fan created content and shows it off. The channel features segments such as Your BiDiPi, JAM, Music LeanBack! and Riddle Challenge.

WeSauce, unlike the other three sister channels, has been inactive for over three years, with the last video on the channel posted on October 15, 2015.


  • People's Voice Award for Best News and Information - Webby 2014

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