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Vsauce2 has more than One Million Subscribers
Vsauce2 makes Educational Videos
Vsauce2 is from the United States
Vsauce2 is male
Vsauce2 created their account in 2010
Vsauce2 is a Content Creator on YouTube

Right? WRONG!

―Vsauce 2 catchphrase, said nearly every video

Kevin Lieber (born: September 23, 1983 (1983-09-23) [age 38]), known as the host of Vsauce2 is the second channel created under the Vsauce name. The channel often broadcasts information about unusual knowledge and technology. Along with this the channel is colour futuristic blue, whereas the original Vsauce is green.

The channel features seven recurring segments including; MindBlow, FAK, BiDiPi, Thought Glass, WAC, 54321 and BOAT.



features current inventions that are either useful, of significant value to society or are humerous. An April Fools joke on the channel replaced MindBlow with 'NogginBlow' - a timey look back at things which were considered new back then.


Standing for Facts and Knowledge, features trivia - usually about a set subject such as Rollercoasters.


Standing for Build it, Draw it, Play it, is a segment showing famous or fan built/drawn work considered amazing or bizzare.


Standing for Weird Awesome Crazy, focuses on weird activities that people participate in around the world such as cheese wheel racing.


Covers four topics, each having one, two, three, or four things related to each other according to order shown, giving a short summary of each, and then ending with five word problems or riddles.


Standing for Best of All Time, simply shows things that the host, Kevin thinks are the best of all time, such as best flash mobs, best pranks etc.

Thought Glass

is the newest segment where assorted topics are posted to a glass wall and a final subject is revealed through a rebus.


The outro music for Vsauce2 is "FoxTrot" by Aiur.

Vsauce and Vsauce2 share music during their segments which is mostly provided by Jake Chudnow.


All the Vsauce channels have Beanie Hats avaliable on their online store in matching channel colours of GREEN (V1), BLUE (V2) and PURPLE (V3).