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Veljko Vukičević, also known online as Vucko100, is a Serbian[1] YouTuber known for creating videos on the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V.


Veljko mainly produces videos regarding the video game Grand Theft Auto V. While the vast majority of his videos are about the fifth instalment, Grand Theft Auto V, he also uploads videos on other games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

His videos primarily revolve around comparisons and experiments, although he also posts videos documenting small details or mistakes in the video games too. The majority of his content is made possible by modding the game.


  • Veljko owns the 3rd largest YouTube channel in Serbia.[2]
  • The word "vučko" is a Serbian slang word for "wolf".
  • His username has three inspirations: Veljko loves wolves; the word "vučko" is similar to his last name; and his father's nickname was "vučko" when he was younger.
  • He originally wanted his username to just be "Vučko": however, after discovering that the username was already taken, he decided to add the number 100 to the end.[3]


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