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WILDCAT has more than One Million Subscribers
WILDCAT has more than Five Million Subscribers
WILDCAT has more than One Billion Views
WILDCAT creates comedy videos
WILDCAT plays video games
WILDCAT is from the United States
WILDCAT is male
WILDCAT created their account in 2011
WILDCAT is a Content Creator on YouTube

Tyler Wine (born: September 14, 1992 (1992-09-14) [age 29]), better known online as WILDCAT (formerly I AM WILDCAT), is an American YouTuber and video game commentator from Indiana. He is known for his wheezing laugh, exploding rage, toxic personality and wide variety of insults, and primarily uploads Let's Plays and gaming videos.


WILDCAT usually uploads one video per day, with the contents largely consisting of compilations of funny moments edited from one session. Occasionally, he receives sponsorships from Ubisoft to try out beta versions of games, which he uploads whenever he is contacted.

WILDCAT also does streams on YouTube from time to time, and would occasionally upload VoDs on his channel. He also opens Pokémon card packs on stream frequently.

WILDCAT has also made a new channel under the name "Tyler Wine" and currently has over 340k subscribers and has set a goal of 1M to give away the play button to a subscriber to which he will personally fly out and deliver it to them. He Has Also Made A Goal Of 100K To Buy And Take Daithi De Nogla's Group Calendars And Burn Them All. after making all of his subscribers on his main channel think he was quitting YouTube, even taking out his channel profile picture and banner, he announced the release of this channel on the first of may on 2022. this side channel will be home To a lot of different Video Including Vlogs, IRL, Traveling, And more.


Like many of the "Crewmates", WILDCAT started his channel mainly with Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2) commentary, later funtages, before finding massive popularity with his Garry's Mod and Grand Theft Auto V videos.

In 2016, he branched out to Battle Royale games. He started out playing H1Z1: King of the Kill, then PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, before sticking to Fortnite for quite some time (he currently has over 170 days of playtime in Fortnite), a move that introduced him to new audience but also alienated some old ones. He would have some gameplay sprinkled here and there as well.

In 2019, he gradually shifted away from Fortnite, citing exhaustion towards the game as the main reason, and transitioned into Minecraft, "reuniting" with his old Crew. In the same year, he also got his hands on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), and posted content of it throughout its life cycle.

In 2020, after a brief stint with Fall Guys (which he uninstalled after one video, but would later reinstall it), he turned to Among Us, where he uploaded a string of videos featuring not only the Crew, but some other notable content creators (Ninja, Valkrae, Grizzy, etc.) as well.

Other contents

Besides the aforementioned games, WILDCAT also uploads sponsored gameplay from time to time (usually that of Ubisoft games).

He has a defunct secondary channel, WILDCATLetsPlays, where he uploaded playthroughs of various games from his childhood. That channel has been inactive since 2014. It was renamed to "WILDCAT as well" in 2018.


Also like many of the "Crewmates", WILDCAT was contacted by Vanoss in the comment section of his first video in 2011. Since then, he has created a large circle of YouTuber friends. Besides the usual crew of VanossGaming, H2O Delirious, Daithi De Nogla, BasicallyIdoWrk, Fourzer0seven, BigJigglyPanda, Terroriser, Moo Snuckel and so on, he also frequently collabs with ImMarksman, LEGIQN and other content creators. While he often displays a short temper and rages frequently, he still maintains good relationships with his friends.


Snapchat Nudes Allegations

On March 25, 2022 FLEXTANGO Gaming NEWS published an update video highlighting members of the Vanoss group that engaged in the "Snapchat Game", in which FLEXTANGO alleged that the Snapchat platform was being used to solicit nude images from fans, with some shown communications suggesting underage nudes. In the public Twitter conversations discovered and published by FLEXTANGO, WILDCAT could be seen publicly stating on Twitter "Send more tits please lmao", leading to a chain of tweets implying that nude images were allegedly even shared between the other members of the Vanoss group.

In one example Wildcat stated "Sent me tits :( wanky got tits but I can't", to which BigJigglyPanda replied "Those aren't tits, they are mosquito bites on the chests of underage gargoyles." WILDCAT's response was "I'll tell you what they are, better tits than I've been sent!" to which BigJigglyPanda responded "Those girls seriously look 13 years old." WILDCAT' replied "I just wanted tits ANTHONY don't judge"

This exchange per Flextango's allegations suggests that the involved members had shared and saw the same nude images, and that the person in them looked 13 years old, alleging that illegal images had been exchanged. Wildcat argued with FLEXTANGO on Twitter relating to the incident claiming it to be a joke, and misrepresented the size of his fanbase at the time.

Further discovered tweets by WILDCAT backed Flextango's findings, as seen in a video description link in KEEMSTAR's "Vanoss Crew ( Serious Allegations )" video. In one image on the Google Drive WILDCAT is seen tweeting at an underage fan named "_brealynn17", who was involved in the H2O Delirious controversy and nicknamed "Jailbait" by some in the crew. He replied to her "DM", "TITS OR GTFOOOO", "whoa...she wants to see mah steeck" and "you's a cutie dough :)"

Not long after on January 28th, 2013 WILDCAT responded to a friend asking all his female followers to send him nudes, stating "you'll get them in's not difficult. these b----s thirsty as hell."

Later on June 2nd, 2013 WILDCAT declared that on Snapchat he had "a couple hundred people already. It's amazing." On the same day Fourzer0seven tweeted "So @I_AM_WILDCAT gets boobs on snapchat and then suddenly stops tweeting. Coincidence? I think not" alleging that some members of the group continued sharing fan nudes. WILDCAT responded "Could've been a dude. Lol tough angle"

On June 17th, 2013 WILDCAT declared "The amount of underage females that follow me is TOO DAMN HIGH" to which a young female fan responded "Your snapchat pictures are so arousing, that's why."

In another image Terroriser allegedly solicited nudes for the benefit of WILDCAT, tweeting on July 16th, 2013 "Ladies please hit up @I_AM_WILDCAT" on Snapchat and send pics of your breasticles." A young male fan responded to Terroriser "you're too nice" to which Terroriser replied "got any sisters with Snapchat for him???" WILDCAT also tweeted that day with "Snapchat: IAM_WILDCAT Send female boobs there. That is all."

On June 24th, 2013 WILDCAT tweeted "I like questing for snapchat titties, it's like digging for gold. I have to sift through the underage male nipples for the good stuff." Later that night he also tweeted "I'm bored snapchat me pictures of boobs IAM_WILDCAT. female boobs please."

It appeared that WILDCAT continued to ask for nudes from fans until at least August 7th, 2013 in which he tweeted "Send me us boobs on snapchat k... IAM_WILDCAT" It is currently not clear if WILDCAT had two Snapchat accounts, or if he had changed his Snapchat name sometime in 2013.

Prior to the surfacing of some of the images linked in the description of the KEEMSTAR video WILDCAT began deleting a select range of public tweets as allegations arose about group member H2O Delirious, with at least 430 removed in March and April of 2021, but some tweets discovered and published by FLEXTANGO still exist. WILDCAT later admitted on Twitter that he deleted the tweets shown in the KEEMSTAR video, validating that the tweets shown in screenshots were real.

Brealynn17 Controversy

As shown in the Tweets shared in KEEM's video description, beginning around December of 2012 WILDCAT had repeated public exchanges on Twitter with _brealynn17 aka oPinkAura, a 17 year old fan at the time (birthday May 14th, 1995) that some in the group had nicknamed "Jailbait". Brealynn had began communicating with several members in the group, and would later become identified as one of several girls who were involved in the H2ODelirious allegations and controversy. Brealynn was part of an admitted "set up" in which H2ODelirious was recorded with Brealynn while engaging in Skype sex.

While speculative, WILDCAT may have had some interest beyond friends in Brealynn at the time, tweeting on December 29th, 2012 "Do I get a New Years kiss?! I've never kissed a girl before". WILDCAT tweeted to Brealynn on January 23rd, 2013 "cool and in 3 years when I graduate and am making retarded amounts of money, you're broke a-- can come live with me" On January 24th and January 25th also tweeting "we are. She loves me", "lmao I love you brealynn", "BI---! I love you", and "I hope you drop the phone on your dirty wh--- mouth"

On February 21st, 2013, while Brealynn was still under the age of 18, WILDCAT tweeted to her "MAKE ME A F-----G CUPCAKE OR YOU'RE BLOCKED/UNFRIENDED AND NO MORE CYBER SEX" Later, still prior to her 18th birthday, WILDCAT tweeted in March 1st and 2nd of 2022 "d--- pics in the way", "I expect equally dirty pics in return. K go", and "I'd hit it"  This continued while she was 17 into April 2013, with WILDCAT tweeting on April 9th, 2013 to Brealynn "Jesus. Push-up bra much?", "and make it look like you aren't 15 even though you are. F----g entrapment", "FAKE A-- AIR TITTIES", and "too many push up bras"

The relationship between WILDCAT and Brealynn seemed to continue all through 2013 including after her 18th birthday. On June 18th WILDCAT tweeted publicly "That little eSlut Brealyn wakes me up after 3 hrs of sleep to a drunken video Skype call...and she wasn't even topless. GFY brea" then following up in a tweet to Brealynn "you woke me up skank, I only got 4 hours of sleep. Also snapchat me bb IAM_WILDCAT". On June 21st, 2013 WILDCAT tweeted to her "Don't wake me up anymore unless your titties are hanging out.  Love you <3"

Brealynn17 and the H2ODelirious Recording

WILDCAT at the time also began testing the waters on Twitter and making claims about H2ODelirious and his interactions with female fans, even labeling H2ODelirious as "H2O Pedophilious" in a public tweet to Jonna Mae aka MissesMae on December 24th, 2012. Later, that day WILDCAT tweeted "Quick lets run a test. If you have a vag like on of Delirious' vids and I bet he'll RT you lol".

Shortly after WILDCAT tweeted "HAHAHAHA ME AND @Tasshyyy RAN THE TEST AND DELIRIOUS RT'd HER LIKE!! TOLD YOU THE THIRST IS STRONG MY FRIENDS!! LMFAO" H2ODelirious defended himself stating "lol I tweet every like :P and also followed" to which WILDCAT responded "duuuude you do not lol", and H2ODelirious rebutted "yes I do, whenever someone likes I tweet that sh-t."

On December 30th, 2012 WILDCAT continued to push his suspicions about H2ODelirious, and quoted in a tweet to H2ODelirious and Brealynn "I didn't say it... RT @_brealynn17: @H2ODelirious youre more thirsty than a 13 year old with daddy issues to which H2ODelirious responded "lmao we back to this sh-t again ;)", with WILDCAT responding "again....not me lol".

This activity continued into 2013, with WILDCAT tweeting to Jonna Mae "H2O Thirstirious". By the end of January, and after weeks of suggestions by WILDCAT and Brealynn that H2ODelirious was engaging with female fans in a way that drew suspicion, a plan by BasicallyIdoWrk and Mexecutioner was set off, leading to the first of many later H2ODelirious controversies. WILDCAT validated the event publicly on Twitter with numerous tweets. H2ODelirious claimed several in the group blocked him over the situation without a word.

In the now admitted recording by both BasicallyIDoWrk and H2ODelirious, H2ODelirious had been in a video Skype call with Brealynn which was planned to be recorded from the start. In the recorded video H2ODelirious allegedly had phone sex with Brealynn, and masturbated to completion while engaging the underage 17 year old fan. This video then seemed to be distributed to others in the group, and was planned to be released to the public by BasicallyIDoWrk.

On January 28th, 2013 WILDCAT declared on Twitter referring to the recording "SH-- IS ABOUT TO GET SOOOO F---ING REAL...WHEN THIS VID GOES PUBLIC...I WILL S--- F-----G BRICKS...AND EAT MAH POPCORN!!" BigJigglyPanda went on to say "Holy s--- waaaat" and tweeted to WILDCAT "what is happening hubs people jeFking off in Skype". WILDCAT responded "yeah...dude jerked it to a minor on skype". BigJigglyPanda asked "who", and WILDCAT responded "Delirious" with Jiggly responding "does this surprise anyone? I'm not at all." WILDCAT then stated "no...but the video is absolutely hysterical."

BasicallyIDoWrk had claimed the video was an hour long, stating "IF SOMEONE HAD AN HOUR OF ME PANTING GRUNTING AND MA---RBATING ID SHUT THE F--- UP" WILDCAT further validated that he had seen the video of the underage Skype sex between Brealynn and H2ODelirious, and found it funny, by responding to someone asking "So let me get this straight. BasicallyIDoWork had proof Delirious fapped on a group Skype chat ? #FAPMAALERT !!" with WILDCAT replying ".... YUP" and "I may or may not have also seen said video...I died laughing lmao"

Outside of deleting tweets and attacking others who have raised awareness of it, WILDCAT at this time has not addressed his history with Brealynn while she was an underage fan, or his admitted involvement in sharing or receiving the alleged cybersex video of Brealynn and H2ODelirious knowing that it involved a minor that was engaging in illegal sexual activity. His comments at the time indicated the he found the video of underage cybersex "hysterical".

The Wildcast Podcast

In February 2020, Tyler introduced The Wildcast, a podcast he co-hosts with BigJigglyPanda, where they interview and chat with various other content creators and online personalities.

Alpha Betas

Alpha Betas is a 2021 cartoon created by Chris Bruno & David Lee, produced by 3BLACKDOT and Bush House, and starring Evan Fong, Tyler Wine, Brian Hanby and Marcel Cunningham as the four main characters. Evan, Tyler, Brian and Marcel also serving as executive producers.

On February 11th, 2021, Evan posted Alpha Betas - Official Trailer, hyping up the upcoming show for a March 13th pilot premiere.


  • "Badoop badoop, bowling alley, badoop badoop, cut to the bowling alley, badoop badoop, I'm driving in the grass, badoop badooop, you can kiss my a*s"
  • "I've got to take a po-op"
  • "Nogla, you stupid f***ing r*tard!"
  • "Jumped over his stupid pink breast cancer awareness line bullsh*t"
  • "Are you mad? yeah. why? cuz i can't see my forehead"
  • "I put my eyes like this so i can see enemy's coming from any direction"
  • "Superman is suppose to be the man of steel and he broke his leg tryna shove it up nappa's a*s "
  • "Make love we will, b*lls deep we'll go"
  • "Up your a*s i see, wipe did you not, bad it does smell, please don't use the force"
  • "And there our heros were locked in a deep gaze, contemplating if they where ever survive the superman a*ss kick they were about to receive, nappa still couldn't find his cheeseburga, and the green lantern has recently burrowed his way to china to north america"
  • "It's The Fat And Furious"


  • Tyler has created the 'Banana Bus' term by which their group is sometimes known as 'The Banana Bus Squad'.
  • In a Q&A Vlog on January 10, 2013, Tyler did his face reveal.
  • Tyler started dating a girl named Kelly in 2015. He has three dogs named Kino, Archie and Chief.
  • He along with BigJigglyPanda created the word "Po-op".
  • He is a part owner of an energy drink called "Glitch".
  • Tyler is known as the most toxic member of the Vanoss Crew mostly due to his constant cursing and exploding rage outbursts.
  • In a GTA 5 video when he was killed by Nogla after trying to get on top of Mt. Chilliad for the third time, Wildcat snaps and smashing sounds could be heard. Vanoss, Terroriser, Moo, fourzer0seven and Nogla were worried about what Tyler was breaking during his rampage. Some of them believed that he was smashing his PC setup and headset. In the comment section on his video, Tyler commented that he punched his chair and slammed his door, while also adding that this was the biggest rage he had ever experienced.
    • It is also worth noting that originally Vanoss's, Wildcat's and Nogla's videos, Wildcat screams at Nogla and calls him f*ggot during his rage. Sometime later, Evan and Tyler had to cut this part from their videos so they wouldn't get in trouble with Twitter. This part, however, is still in Nogla's video of the session and in some other videos that were able to capture the footage from Vanoss and Wildcat's perspective before they removed it.
  • In 2020 Tyler and Anthony (BigJigglyPanda) started a podcast series called: The Wildcast.
  • In March 2021, Tyler changed his YouTube name from I AM WILDCAT to simply WILDCAT.
  • On May 1st 2022, Tyler announced The Release Of His IRL Channel Tyler Wine