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WadZee has more than One Million Subscribers
WadZee plays video games
WadZee is a Vlogger
WadZee is a Reactor
WadZee is from Australia
WadZee is male
WadZee created their account in 2019
WadZee is a Content Creator on YouTube

G'day guys, my name's WadZee!

―Jesse's intro

Jesse Wadsworth (born: July 16, 1998 (1998-07-16) [age 23]), better known online as WadZee, is a Australian YouTuber known for his Minecraft content. He also has a second channel called Wad2ee for vlogs and reactions.

Personal life

Jesse Wadsworth was born on July 16, 1998 in Australia. He has a girlfriend named Emily and a cat named Leo.


Before Minecraft, he used to play Fortnite but Minecraft was the game that made his channel blow up; more specifically his One Block Skyblock series which gained him around 600K+ subscribers. He has recently started to do checkpoint sections in videos where he'd basically remind his fans to do a specific beneficial task. In his One Block Skyblock series, he likes to build structures out of circles which has been memed a lot.

Minecraft Hardcore

He has also gained a lot of recognition for his Minecraft Harcore series, which he started in January 2020. Many of his episodes consisted of him either building a structure, a farm, or just progressing in any other way, for 55 episodes, all while accomplishing such tasks in hardcore mode.

On the 56th episode, he decided to start his journey over in the same world but in a location far away from where he built his old structures. He did this because the Minecraft 1.18 update introduced new biome generation and deeper caves; however, since he was playing on a world that was created before any of those features were added, his spawn chunks or chunks that he rendered at any point in the previous 55 episodes would not update to add the new features of the update. Thus, he built a rail system that would set him off to a far location, and he couldn't acquire his older items, trapped in a chest cover by obsidian blocks (the items being an elytra, enchanted netherite armor, enchanted netherite tools, enchanted bow, shield, totem of undying, 64 golden apples, and 64 golden carrots), and return to his original location until he accomplished three things:

  • Acquiring another set of netherite armor and equipment (accomplished in episode 62 or episode 6 of the Minecraft Hardcore series in the new location).
  • Growing 1,000 melons (accomplished in episode 63 or episode 7 of the Minecraft Hardcore series in the new location).
  • Completing every advanced introduced in Minecraft 1.18 (accomplished in episode 64 or episode 8 of the Minecraft Hardcore series in the new location, thus ending his journey in the new location).


  • He doesn't like melons in real life. He also said that they're basically water that you have to chew in his second channel Reddit meme review video.
  • He is famous for his "One Block Skyblock" series and "Minecraft Hardcore" series.
  • In his Hardcore series, he added 200 melons to his melon farm each episodes for over 40 episodes.
  • In his Minecraft Hardcore series, he made a full Netherite beacon.
  • He constantly gets memed for building things in a circular shape.
  • He has a girlfriend named Emily.
  • He has a Minecraft pet cat named Leo who has been appearing since the Hardcore episode 24.


  • "And this video's shoutout is coming from [social media platform]"
  • "Thank you to this person, you're an absolute legend"
  • "It's a water checkpoint!"
  • ”There’s one more thing we need to do - AND THAT’S PLANT MORE MELONS.”
  • ”Guys, forgive me, I made a square.”
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