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Jack Ryan Quire (born: May 29, 1994 (1994-05-29) [age 26]) and Stephen Quire (born: July 28, 1993 (1993-07-28) [age 26]), better known online as wafflepwn, are American YouTubers known for their Greatest freak out ever Series.

The whole series contains Jack (Stephen's younger brother) recording Stephen raging over random things for a random reason. In the first freak out video, Stephen was angry due to his World of Warcraft subscription being canceled by his mother. The footage of Stephen's temper tantrum made a viral hit and is still remembered years on and has spawned an entire series of Stephen's outbursts.

Greatest freak out ever series


Stephen Quire, the freak out kid.

Greatest freak out ever

Jack quickly enters Stephen's room, plants a camera, and leaves. Stephen enters his room and throws a massive tantrum after his mom canceled his World of Warcraft account, where he strips off his clothing and appears to try shoving a TV remote up his bottom amongst the meltdown for unknown reasons. He eventually tires out and leaves the room, where Jack reenters and retrieves the camera.

Greatest freak out ever 2

Stephen is playing an online game on the computer. Another player, who turns out to be Jack, was constantly betraying him in-game, which made him scream obscenities and threats at the game. His mom eventually enters the room and forces him off the computer, frustrated by his yelling.

Greatest freak out ever 3

The family buys Stephen a beat-up old truck for his 16th birthday. However, Stephen did not like it so he started damaging it with a baseball bat in front of his family, taking his shirt off in the process. Jack's mom eventually makes him turn off the camera, ending the video.

Greatest freak out ever 4

While Steven and Jack's parents aren't home, Stephen is on the front porch playing his dad's guitar and Jack continuously annoys him by saying he sucks at playing it. Stephen gets really frustrated and eventually breaks the guitar by smashing it against the ground, then leaves the scene.

Greatest freak out ever 5

Stephen is trying to cook a TV dinner in the microwave, but the microwave is faulty and cannot heat it up even after 7 minutes. Stephen gets increasingly annoyed as he yells at his mom about the bad microwave, and eventually throws the TV dinner on the floor, takes the microwave outside, throws it on the ground, and drops a heavy rock on it.

Greatest freak out ever 6

Jack and Stephen's grandmother is babysitting them while their parents are out. Stephen wants to watch TV, but his grandmother wants to watch the news. The two then fight over the TV and their grandmother leaves, but not after hitting Stephen with her paddle. 

Greatest freak out ever 7

Stephen's mother is making Stephen vaccuum the carpet. The vaccuum cleaner keeps turning off and falling apart, eventually annoying Stephen enough to make him smash it on the floor, breaking it. His mother confronts him and the two argue, but eventually his dad arrives and confronts him as well, causing him to flee out into the backyard. He tries to run away, but the family's dog chases him and keeps knocking him over.

Greatest freak out ever 8

Jack and Stephen are playing Guitar Hero. Stephen keeps losing to Jack and getting angry. In the middle of a song, Jack wants to say or ask Stephen something which makes him drop the guitar in frustration. Jack then gets annoyed by Stephen's actions and turns the console off. Stephen gets really mad and attacks and chases Jack around the room, but he manages to escape.

Greatest freak out ever 9

Jack and Stephen are both watching a UFC fight together on TV in Stephen's room. The fighter Stephen is rooting for eventually appears to lose, causing him to throw a tantrum where he refuses to let Jack leave his room and punches out the panels in his door.

Greatest freak out ever 10

Stephen is taking private gymnastics lessons, but when Jack starts filming him, he gradually gets more irritated. The instructor guides him through an exercise which makes him fall into a pit of foam blocks, causing him to get extremely frustrated and yell at her while he leaves the scene.

Greatest freak out ever 11

Stephen really wants Halo: Reach, but his mom refuses to buy it for him, so he breaks the family TV set. This makes Stephen's mom call the police on him. When an officer arrives, Stephen repeatedly tels him to back off. Stephen eventually pushes the officer, causing the officer to pepper spray and arrest him. Jack was unable to record the part where Stephen broke the TV and it is unknown what happened to Stephen afterward.

Greatest freak out ever 12

Stephen gets grounded and the internet gets shut down for 2 weeks at the family's house. Stephen was in the middle of playing Runescape and begs his mother to turn it back on for 10 minutes so he can inform his friends about his situation. After she refuses multiple times, he takes the computer chair outside and runs over it with the family's Hummer, driving away in it.

Greatest freak out ever 13

Jack did a promotional video for and the workers there said that he did really good. They then bring Stephen there to do a promotional video as well, but he refused to and was being rude to the director due to his thick Russian accent. The director tries to calm him down and explain the company's goals which include being unbiased towards straight or homosexual people. He motions towards Stephen as he says "gay", which causes Stephen to knock him to the floor, thinking the director called him gay. He eventually has a meltdown and begins destroying random objects in the studio while his mother yells at him to stop. What is assumed to be a secretary arrives to find out what's happening, and Stephen pushes him aside as he leaves the scene.

Greatest freak out ever 14

The family gets a swimming pool installed in their backyard, and Stephen's dad keeps encouraging him to swim. Stephen refuses his attempts, but then his dad eventually pushes him into the pool. Stephen flails around in the water as if he's drowning, even though it is mentioned that it's only 4 feet deep. Stephen's dad enters the pool and grabs him, throwing him a tiny distance in the water. It isn't clear what happened afterward, but it appears as if Stephen punched his dad in the face. His dad demands he leaves the pool, where he picks up a lawn chair and attempts to throw it at his dad, who dives under the water to dodge it. The two argue as Stephen storms off, claiming he doesn't need to swim because he "isn't a fish."

Greatest freak out ever 15

For his 18th birthday, Stephen is getting a tattoo at a parlor. He ends up repeatedly screaming in pain due to the needle, and complaining how painful it is. He then attempts to let the artist do their job but is unable to withstand the pain of the needle and storms out of the parlor with his unfinished tattoo.

Greatest freak out ever 16

Stephen started taking culinary classes at school! He tries making dinner at home, but Jack starts messing with him and touches his ingredients, causing Stephen to throw an egg at him and abruptly ending the video.

Greatest freak out ever 17

Stephen made a big mess of pots and pans after he finished cooking. His mother demands him to clean it up and wants Jack to record him doing it for "proof." Stephen begins to clean but gets increasingly irritated at Jack recording him. Stephen eventually gets fed up and starts bringing the pans outside and throwing them into the yard. After several trips, his dad pulls up in the driveway and catches him doing it. He goes back inside the house and his dad asks Jack what Stephen is doing. Stephen exits the house and throws a toaster at his dad's feet, causing his dad to interrogate him. Stephen eventually throws a handful of gravel at his dad and runs away with his dad in pursuit.

Greatest freak out ever 18

Their mom bought them home a cat, but Stephen doesn't like cats. So Jack tells Stephen to at least pet it, but he gets scared and goes into a car and drives away.

Greatest freak out ever 19

Stephen received a speeding ticket for the 3rd time, so his parents take his keys away. Stephen is then sent to his room and creates a mess in his room similar to the first episode. Stephen then leaves and tries to get away with his mom's scooter, but he collides with it on the lawn and runs away. Jack's mom eventually makes him turn the camera off.

Greatest freak out ever 20

The family went on a sightseeing boat tour in the Bahamas and Stephen wanted to catch the fish visible from the boat. The guide told him they were only for looking at, but Stephen kept pressuring him and getting annoyed. Eventually, the guide threw Stephen off the boat and his dad jumped in after him since he couldn't swim.

Greatest freak out ever 21

Jack, Stephen's sister, and her family are staying at their house for 3 days. But when Stephen learns that they're taking his room, he gets into a huge argument and then throws their luggage downstairs.

Greatest freak out ever 22

While his sister and her family get ready to leave, Stephen is still mad at them for taking his room. He then gets into another huge outburst with the family downstairs. Then what seems to be the husband of his sister gets sick of Stephen's behavior and chases him out of the house.

Greatest freak out ever 23

Stephen makes a real-life replica of the Batmobile. Jack, again, starts messing with him. After turning a switch that made the car's engine smoke, Stephen angrily chases him out of the garage.

Greatest freak out ever 24

Stephen wants to go to Comicon via his Batmobile but does not have any seats. So he tells his parents that he sold his car to buy the seats. His father then attacks him for his attitude and chases him. Jack's mom makes him turn the camera off.

Greatest freak out ever 25

Stephen's mom is trying to get him to sit on a float for a parade. Stephen refuses, chases everyone that was on the float, and starts trashing it. He is then confronted by the owner of the float who argues with him.

Greatest freak out ever 26

Jack repeatedly rings the doorbell while Stephen is watching the TV show Spongebob Squarepants. When Stephen goes out to see who it is, Jack locks the door behind him so Stephen is locked out in the snow. He walks around the yard in the snow wearing nothing but pants and boots and approaches a window, yelling for his mom. His mom eventually finds out what is happening and lets him in, where he immediately attacks Jack.

Greatest freak out ever 27

Jack filmed Stephen dancing to the song Gangnam Style and when he eventually saw him he started to chase him. Then Stephen tripped and Jack started to laugh at him.

Greatest freak out ever 28

Stephen quit his 3rd job and gets into an argument with his mother. His mom shuts down Stephen's computer and falls over in his chair, noticing Jack. He then proceeded to go into Jack's room and take Jack's old TV and ran out of the house with it. Jack and his mom said to not throw the TV but said if Jack doesn't turn off the camera, he throws it. Jack attempts to fake turning off the camera, but Stephen knew he was just faking it, so he threw the TV, breaking it.

Greatest freak out ever 29

Stephen's parents try to get him to go to his Uncle's ranch to work. Stephen angrily refuses and trashes his parent's room. Stephen then takes a painting and flees outside in the snow with it while his dad chases after him.

Greatest freak out ever 30

Stephen's sister and her family are visiting again. While they're in the pool, Stephen's niece starts whining in pain over a loose tooth. Stephen, annoyed, tells her to show him the tooth. He then aggressively yanks the tooth out, Jack even shows the bloody tooth on camera close-up, Stephen then runs into the pool shed and bangs his head on the door.

Greatest freak out ever 31

Stephen kept taking random things from inside his house and took them to a swap meet, a meet for trading items for other items. Jack takes a shoe that Stephen was selling and throws it. When Stephen goes to get it, Jack enters the van and takes the keys out. Jack shows Stephen that he actually has the keys and fake throws it. Stephen falls for the trick and goes to look for the keys. Jack then goes back inside and watches Stephen trying to find the keys through the window and laughing.

Greatest freak out ever 32

Stephen came home from military school a few days ago, and when Jack comes home from college for the day, he finds the backyard and the pool completely trashed. Jack then finds Stephen screaming and running off into the woods.

Greatest freak out ever 33

While Stephen prepares to go hunting, Jack baits the door to the shed with chicken food and puts the key to the shed on the neck of his rooster. When Stephen comes to get his bow from the shed, he finds out the door is locked and the key is on the rooster's neck. He tries to take the key but the rooster attacks him, causing him to flee.

Greatest freak out ever 34

Stephen tries his hand at painting. His mom arrives and wants to see him. But when she and Jack enter the living room again (Jack was filming him before), the room was trashed and Stephen ran off outside with only his boxers on before Jack and his Mom went into the living room.

Greatest freak out ever 35

Stephen is being interviewed by another YouTube channel, What Up Ninja. When they start asking questions he finds inappropriate, such as asking him if he smoked weed, he gets upset and steals their car.

Greatest freak out ever 36

Stephen and his girlfriend are about to watch a movie together in his room, but Stephen wants to play World of Warcraft while they watch the movie. His girlfriend wants him to just watch the movie with her, and the two argue over him playing the game for several minutes. His girlfriend tries to grab his laptop from his hands and then shoves what looks to be a cupcake into his face, smearing it on his shirt as well. Stephen then climbs on the roof of his house from his window where Jack and Stephen's girlfriend try to coax him back to his room for several minutes. Jack then climbs on the roof with him to get him down, and Stephen knocks the camera out of his hands, ending the video.

Greatest freak out ever 37

Stephen, Jack, and the dad have a threesome, with Stephen freaking out because the dad came too fast.


Legitimacy of the Videos

The Greatest Freak Out Ever series has been criticized for being staged due to people thinking Stephen's anger feeling forced and what he does as a result of the freakout, such as trying to shove a TV remote up his bottom and trying to trash the truck he got for his birthday. Another reason is how ridiculous the backstories are in some videos and how passive the family is in some situations, such as him freaking out in public and them just trying to talk him out of the rage instead of taking more action. A video leaking the Greatest Freakout Ever 3 to be staged, it shows many outtakes of the video which adds to the theory that the videos may be staged.

Deleted freak out Video

The first ever freak out video by wafflepwn was taken down for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines on November 22, 2017. The video was released back in 2009 and is unsure why the video was taken down after 8 years. However, the video was reinstated and back up on YouTube 4 days later.

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