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Wah!Banana is a Singaporean comedy YouTube channel run by the main production team of Lingyi Xiong, Jason Hau, Chrysan Lee, Benjamin Zhong, Terence ThenAudrey Goh and many other newly-added cast members. Wah!Banana was founded in 2012 and is under the 01 Studio Private Limited trademark in Garena.

Their content mainly consists of relatable comedy sketches such as "Your Mother vs My Mother", "Awkward Situations" and "Sunday vs Monday".

They also have a second channel called Wah!Banana Too where they upload bloopers, travelogs and reviews, with the goal to let their viewers get to know them better individually.



(Many of who also feature as talents)

  • Linyi Xiong
  • Jason Hau
  • Chrysan Lee
  • Benjamin Zhong (Benzo)


  • Terence Then
  • Audrey Goh
  • Keiji Umehara
  • J. Jai Kishan (Kishan J)
  • Priscilla Lim

A more detailed description of their cast can be found on their official website.

Former Cast Members

Many of the original cast members have since left Wah!Banana to pursue other careers, such as Eden Ang and Matthew Stewart (Fish). Matthew was initially a guest star on Wah!Banana, but became a full-time member with Audrey Goh. Eden Ang later got involved in a sexual harassment scandal.

Aaron Khoo (Djehuty), Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan (Elliot) and Janice Chiang (Foxy), who were a part of the initial Wah!Banana team also left to form their own sketch comedy YouTube channel called TreePotatoes.

Tree Potatoes and Wah!Banana

When questioned about whether bananas are out of their diet, Tree Potatoes replied: We don’t have any issues with eating bananas but we’re not sure if the bananas want to be eaten.

When questioned about the subject of potatoes, Wah!Banana replied: To quote a line from one of our videos, “Some people prefer the soup, and some people prefer it dry.”


  • When brainstorming names, the team wanted something with a Singaporean flavor and came up with ideas like Wahlau, Singapura and Momochacha, eventually settling with Wah!Banana.
  • Not only do they collaborate with local YouTube channels like Night Owl Cinematics, they have also collaborated with international YouTubers like WongFu Productions.
  • In an interview with Mothership, they professed that Night Owl Cinematics is their favorite Singapore YouTube channel.


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