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Howdy Doody everyone! Wambu here!

―Wambu's Intro

Wambu is an American YouTuber that mostly does top list videos. His most notable top list videos are 'Top 10 Undertale' videos. His latest video was "Top 4.2 Video Game Theories".


Wambu normally takes the appearance of a green talking Chandelure, where his color changes depending on his mood. Sometimes his character becomes poorly drawn during some jokes such as his April fools videos. While doing Undertale videos, he is a Lesserdog from Undertale with a spear and shield, which has a design of the Seven Human SOULS.


Wambu normally does Countdown videos, such as Top Ten Undertale Bosses/Minibosses and Mario Odyssey Kingdoms Ranked. He does sometimes do other content however, it is not uploaded to his main channel. He is making "On The Spot Comic Dubs" Season 2 on the channel "Fanfickle Entertainment"


  • He has no update schedule, and, despite saying he plans to put videos out, they tend to be a few months late.


  • "I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but punctuality is my rival clan and I will strike them down at any opportunity I can."
  • "It's been a million billion units of time (and/or distance) since my last count down celebrating the spook season."
  • "I'M NOT LATE FOR HALLOWEEN, YOU'RE LATE FOR HALLOWEEN! I am kind of late for Halloween."
  • "F*** DEEPNEST!"
  • "Spider bite HURT. HURT SPIDER BITE."
  • "HowWdy-doody, everyone. It's me, Wambu here."
  • "What is a character without a video game? I don't know."
  • "Howdy doody everyone it's me a phycological manifestation of countdown creator wambu progected by your own internal demons... hello"
  • "Number... Uh... I haven't done 2 in a while. Number 2 is I don't know, the crab from Baba is You. I can't hate things! I don't even like things I say I don't like! Listen you cheapskatous crustacian, you! Squidorwd has been living in my house, eating my taxes, sleeping in my garbage, hanging out in my cornchips, and you're nOT GONNA HIRE HIM BACK TO FLIP YOUR GOD D*MN PATTIES!!! He poisoned my plague, burned my water supply, and delivered crops onto my house! Crab and crab is crab, but crab is not crab, but crab is crab, and crab is YOU. That's right, you're the 4th most hated video game character. THIS IS NUMBER 4 BY THE WAY. Don't you feel motherf***ing ashamed of yourself? We're not even IN the eighteenth circle NOW! We're in the actual cowboy town. My town ain't really a town. It's... It's just a stick. t, really, what is a town, other than an abedehduebehduebehdue AN EXTENSIVE STICK COLLECTION. And with that, I best be taking my leave. Don't drink scurvy, kids, cause that's a disease."
  • "Oh, you might think your safe now, but just wait! Soon my body with align with the z-axis and then you'll be FUCKED!"
  • "Turns out increasing the dosage just made everything worse this time!"
  • "Well, if it isn't everyone's favorite pompous, Penguin, PIECE OF S H I T!!! I feel like being De-de-destructive"
  • "Roadhog is a tank in the same way a pancake is a frisbee: the bulky physique, the 600 health, the short tid-bid range, the 600 health, the slim disc shape that's quite aerodynamic & easy to throw- THE 600 H E A L T H!!!"
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