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oh it's that 3D jackass again


George,[1] better known online as wavetro, is an American YouTuber and animator who makes animations using Blender.

Before the channel was created, George used to have channels named COOLERNOW123 STUDIOS and RobotUnderscore.


He uploaded his first video "Andy and Bulb" on March 31, 2019,[2] just 17 days after his channel's creation.

His most viewed video, "Heist Plan (LUNCH CLUB)", uploaded on December 4, 2019, was about the members of Lunch Club (Slimecicle & jschlatt) and Altrive talking about the entirely hypothetical bank heist in Boulder, Colorado, with visuals by wavetro himself.[3] The video has been noticed by Simecicle, jschlatt, Altrive & CallMeCarson.


  • There is no official pronunciation of how to say "wavetro". There was a previous attempt to make it "way-VEH-tro", but "WAVE-tro" is more common.[4]
  • wavetro has collaborated with ConnorEatsPants in the video "spanish class".[5]'
  • wavetro himself has seen and mentioned about this very article on Twitter.[6]
  • He used to upload a video every Thursday, however, due to the fact that he can't keep up with that schedule he downgraded it to releasing a video once a week.[7]
    • However, he also can't keep up with that schedule, leading to wavetro to discontinue his upload schedule.[8][9]


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