WawamuStats makes Educational Videos
WawamuStats is from the United States
WawamuStats is male
WawamuStats created their account in 2018
WawamuStats is a Content Creator on YouTube

These figures are not just numbers, they are people just like any of us here. Please respect them...


WawamuStats is an American YouTuber known mostly for his data visualization videos of different countries and about Coronavirus. He was original popular for his data visualizations of human population and of YouTubers subscribers. WawamuStats uploaded its first video on September 6, 2018.


His first video was Top 10 Country Population Ranking History (1950-2050) and ever since, makes lots of comparison videos like United States vs China, or USA states vs Chinese provinces and population/GDP projection.

Around early 2019, he started making statistics about daily YouTube subscribers for datas about PewDiePie vs T-Series. He also included other YouTubers in these videos, however stopped later that year due to the change in YouTube's subscriber count.

As Coronavirus started to spread, WawamuStats made lots of videos about Coronavirus and the numbers in different countries. The most popular videos on his channel are these videos, and the most popular having 7.2M views.

Around 2021, he started making more non-Coronavirus videos because the vaccine is already out.[1] On May 2021, he took a month long break. On early June, a fake news started to spread that he died and many are spamming the comments waiting for him to come back. He uploaded again on June 7, after that he started to upload less frequently by uploading 2 videos a month.


  • He uses d3.js and python to make his videos.[2]